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Patch 1.08 & the concerns with changes to demonhunter

...funny how the people who think these changes are OP or out of line dont main DH's...
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Another Thread relocated to our forum. Because it apparently gets too much attention on the general forums, huh? Seriously CM's, that's getting really annoying.
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Seeing as I never really play in groups, this is going to my $0.02 referring to solo play style and synergizing attacks.

Shiruken cloud - Increase damage per second from 34% to 80%, and shuriken cloud fires off a chakram at the closest target for 40% weapon damage with the chance of a crit, speed at which chakrams will fire is based on your attack speed/2.

Trail of Cinders - (name changed) at the end of your vault, you set off a cloud of choking gas which deals 1000% weapon damage over 5 seconds (longer duration means less damage per second).

Nether tentacles - Changed back to previous value.

Sentry - Change weapon damage from 175% to 80% but allow them to crit (or you can play with the numbers, 100% damage and utilize 50% of your CC and CD).

Cluster arrow and Spike trap - Increase both skills and all runes by 100%. (like Loaded for bear goes from 304% to 608%)

Entangling shot - increase damage from 90% to 135%.

Bola Shot - Increase damage from 160% and 110% AoE to 180% and 130% respectively.
Custom engineering now cuts the delay on bolas by 50%

Ball Lightning - Increase damage from 155% to 190%

A lot of these would bring synergies to our class. I could probably go into other skills like caltrops and other widely used skills, but I don't have a lot of experience with them.

This may seem over the top for some of you, but I highly doubt it's going to be for the people that farm at anything over MP8 on a regular basis.
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04/13/2013 10:28 PMPosted by Spoa
Status 100Paragon DH, hours play over 1,500 on main which is my honorable dh.

04/13/2013 10:28 PMPosted by Spoa
I can't solo Ubers higher than mp5.

04/13/2013 10:28 PMPosted by Spoa
DPS has become even amongst classes with maybe at highest 15% difference above for DH. Why is it that DH still take a 30% dmg handicap?

These are all contradictory statements. You state your "accolades" then say you can't solo ubers higher than MP5, then say we're even in the same ballpark in eDPS as other classes? You owe me a beer, some just came out of my nose.

Seriously dude, there's quite a few of us here that can do MP10 ubers, and survivability isn't the issue (yes, 99% of us use gloom). The issue is how long it takes, which translates to an eDPS issue. And, I'll give you a hint, for a similarly geared monk, barb, wiz... The discrepancy is a good amount more than 15% for our similarly geared counterparts.
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Idea new Passive:
Critical hits grant an additional X% Chance to peirce.
X can be play tested in PTR something like 25-50. It would also open up more build options. And scales with end game CC or Sharpshooter.
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Thanks for the feedback! Based on discussions we’ve seen from players testing Inspiring Presence on the PTR, we’re going to go ahead and change Inspiring Presence back to its previous values. In a future PTR build, it will return 2% of your maximum Life per second instead of 4%. This is being done to keep it in line with other Life regeneration skills.

*Edit* I should note that we're keeping the part where it will buff your allies.

Edited by Myon#1319 on 4/23/2013 8:35 PM PDT
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I honestly agree that we need buff on our hatred spender, but those numbers are a bit over the top.
And the fact that it does not address the resources management.

How about adding hatred gain per shot, lets say 1 or 2 more hatred per shot.
Increase the natural disc regen rate by 0.33 per second.
And lastly remove / reduce the cool down of or signature hatred spender RoV and Fan of Knives.

Didn't Jay/Wyatt said that since RoV is our signature move that he wanted us to use it more.
Hell they didnt remove the cool down -_-;
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Rapid Fire is just the tip of the iceberg. Many other skills Blizzard would need to be informed that they are too weak
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sorry, but these changes are simply crazy and absolutely over the top..

you cant adjust damage on hatred spenders to situation that you decided to use 4 slots to feed the gloom. sorry, it wont happen. it is your decision to use 1 damage source - face consequences.

and you suggesting return of the most stupid skill damage (Trail Of Cinders) - so you can still use 4 discipline spenders AND deal crazy damage.. sorry, it wont happen. pre-nerf damage was an error and EVERYONE knew that it is too good.

doubling Impale damage? I ALREADY use impale:overpenetration as my primary and it is perfectly ok as it is. issue is that other runes are single target only and they suck, but doubling it AND reducing cost? sorry to be blunt, but what you wrote above is "I want 'I Win' button".

monk changes.. difference being these buffs in some cases are still not enough (however I'd nerf Empowered Wave rune of WOL - it is crazy now..)

TianZi video shows that Empowered Wave needs a nerf..

Just ignore him
srsly... ignore
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they should just take the cooldown off of fan of knives :D bahahaha
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I think only increasing direct dmg on skills isn't the answer, if our hatred regeneration was much faster (like when you have empowered shrine) DH could increase Edps a lot... even if you can perma-spam cluster arrow (is that so bad?).

So I'd say a minor boost to skill dmg and a big boost to hatred, It's VERY easy to be out of hatred, you spend all your resource and did what.. 3x 300% dmg.. nice... look at monks spamming 800% skills and with the right skills don't even run out of spirit...
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04/23/2013 07:09 PMPosted by Saints311
Cluster arrow and Spike trap - Increase both skills and all runes by 100%. (like Loaded for bear goes from 304% to 608%)
Totally agree! It's awkward such great hatred consumption for such moderate damage.
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From a high MP DH point of view,

Boost all hatred generators damage

Entangling shot needs a revamp, slowing targets is useless against most of the elite packs and high density areas.

Tone down bola shot animation. The constant flashing is bad for the eyes.

Grenades needs more love, just increase the bombs thrown to 6 to a slightly bigger arc.

Boost all secondary skill damage

Impale should work like Overpenetration by default.

Chakram needs a damage boost. Only Twin and Shuriken Cloud are viable, everything else is bad.

Elemental Arrow needs a big big damage buff. Bring back the old tentacles.

Devices needs a complete revamp

Evasive fire needs a huge damage and range boost. Remove discipline cost for back flip.

Fan Of Knives needs to have cooldown removed.

Spike Traps needs a HUGE damage boost, should work like Echoing Blast by default.

Sentry needs to have cooldown removed.

Archery skills needs a MASSIVE damage boost

Strafe and Multishot needs to have a huge boost in damage to be viable in higher MPs.

Cluster Arrow hatred:damage ratio is a joke. Needs a heavy buff.
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<3 <3 <3
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I have only succesfully played at MP7 and its one hell of a struggle, which is why i do MP5 most of the time. At my DPS I dont feel that I'm doing nothing it just seems nigh impossible to be efficent and effective. Take ST-EB for example, You have to place them, wait, then get the mob to stand on them, to do what?? Mediocre damage? My friends barb at 200k was HoTAing things like it was whack a mole. I dont feel that mobility is an issue, I just feel that my arrows are made of plastic and cardboard. My friends HOTA was hittng for 800k+ while my spike traps weren't hitting anywhere near that.

TLDR: MP5 I dont feel useless, just blunted. Only been carried thorugh mp10, and dont have alot of experience.
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we must try.

Everyone, please make a thread that states WE MUST BE HEARD!!!
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I totally agree with your point, some of these changes must be done. I would like to add these ideas:
-increase cluster grenade dmg to 160% (would make it a sick primary)
-increase choking gas AoE to 20m
-reduce cluster arrow cost to 40 or 30 hatred and improve dmg by 15%

I used to run with my dh as main char cuz he was really good in low mp but today low mp is not a good choice anymore, so i run with a barb. Even with crappy gear, he is much faster than dh in mp10 but i think if even one of your ideas got implemented, dh would do great.
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