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Does anyone mind helping me upgrade?

I don't really have good enough items to do mp5+ so I want to see what I need to upgrade.

The problem I'm having is with mana and low HP with the uhkapian. I usually farm mp1/2 with TOTD but with the upcoming patch I want to be prepared to do higher MP's.

Any suggesitons?
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Your vitality is low becasue it is missing from three or four pieces of gear.

Craft shoulders and bracers (both missing vitality), but could use help on other stats too.

Your mojo needs +mana regen and bears reduced mana cost. Vitality would be a nice extra, but the mana generation/savings is more important on a mojo.

Your Zuni boots have low vitality and are only 7% damage. Replace when possible with same int and 90 vit+, and 8% damage.

Drop Spirtit Vessel and replace with SA or BR for mana generation.
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Put a Ruby in the knife (sick of me saying that yet? Anyone? Anyone?). Disregard what sheet dps says. Ruby in the knife, biggest you can afford.

Without PUR, I'd be tempted to dump Grave injustice for Vision Quest.

And with low HP, make a small DPS sacrifice and put a couple of Amethysts in the pants. Always feels !@#$-about dropping a little DPS, but dead doctors don't kill. Again, biggest you can afford.
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How much all res and vit should I aim for?
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When you stop dying, that's enough. ;)

Aim for at least 50k life (some will say less, some more, but it's a solid number) and around 750-800 AR.
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-No vit on the pants (which is why I like Blackthornes Jousting Mail better)
-You have all topaz and no amethysts, WD doesn't need the highest dps because you can counter that in other ways ala spirit walk/harvest life regen.
-Your belt, gloves and shoulders are all really nice but again no vit there either, save some on the gloves. You could easily sacrifice some cc/cd and get more vit.
-Swap the Unity with a Litany with vit or sock and/or try a SoJ(?)

I'd reccomend atleast 50k life minimum if you want to survive in MP5. The monsters just hit that much harder and you need to be able to atleast take the punches.

I can solo MP6 and I have about half your dps, no dogs all bears.
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How much do you think this will all cost me? Maybe I should try selling some of my stuff and go from there.
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Finding subs for gloves/shoulders with int will be hard and, TWH super hard, without being in the tens of millions. Im' not sure just filter in the AH. The zuni boots would be the easiest upgrade to find one with double the vit you have on them now and same int. I found a deal on mine for 500k I'm sure you could too. You could do some gem crafting and upgrade the one in your helm to a Perfect Star as well. The extra 2% would be noticeable after you boost it elsewhere.

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I was thinking of changing my pants to blackthorne's, would it be a good idea? I like the int and vit as well %life bonus, but I lose about 17k dps mainly from the ASP, CHC, and 2soc of the innas.
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Alright so this is what I decided to switch:

I switched my off hand to my old TOTD which is upgradable, added new gem to helm, 8% poison on boots, ruby on knife, and changed innas pants to blackthornes.

I'm able to do up to MP7 quite well which I am happy with! Now what else could be upgraded so I could possibly do MP10 without a problem?
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