Diablo® III

Best way to get gold now?

I was playing D3 lot long after it released, i decided to quit for a while until they made some changes for the better.

When i played before people were making gold find suits and farming act 3, is this still the most common way to get decent gold to buy gear?

I wanted to buy some mid level gear for my new barbarian, but a decent upgrade for my barbarian runs about 200k from what i can tell.
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Goldskin is awesome for gold farming, gold wrap is a belt thats ok for it too- i have a decent (free) blackthornes with gold and magic find on it if you want.

hope that helps
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Best way is to buy Radiant Star Emeralds in RMAH and sell them for gold in gold AH.

You get 100 millions for around 6$.

You just made the game feel so cheap to me, grats. . .
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With paragon levels you have two choices

1. You can use a gold find suit like before paragon levels.

2. Or you could get your demon hunters dps up where he can farm the higher MP settings in a non gold find suit. Here you are working on getting your paragon levels up where your paragon level is good enough to give you a decent gold find.
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Buy gold, flip items on AH for massive profits.

Farming is for noobs, everyone knows the fastest way short of buying gear is to flip items.

If you dont flip you can farm a few mils a day, and hope to get a lucky jackpot drop that will set you up decently.

PS - My gear sucks cause I dont flip items. Sold one decent drop i got in probably 900-1k hrs.
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04/17/2013 04:02 PMPosted by Secoya
Skip GF, just farm act 3 low MP. Sell items. Salvage items and sell mats. The actual gold you find even at the highest GF possible is fairly negligible compared to selling things you find.

Essences last time I checked sold for around 500 gold on average. Most blues 61+ are 600 gold or higher. Why would you salvage them if the NPC was going to give you more?
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