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Can any high-geared DH can check this build?

Hey guys,

I tried going pretty much all offense with no hatred generator and my Dh is a bomb until MP5-MP6 (Gear must have cost me 2-3 million if so with half self-found gear). Everything dies very quickly and the only mobs that give me trouble are mortars. I guess with more resists, armor and a better manticore this build could scale well to get into higher MP. I am open to suggestions I think I can swap passives and maybe I can even do more dmg.

Just some quick notes about the build:
- Fan of knives stun any melee mobs that come in range
- Cluster arrow hits pretty hard and when I run out of hatred I just start spamming chakrams
- Chakrams pierce through everything therefore deal much more dmg than expected. I have -9 chakram cost so I can easily spam this when I run out of hatred (-10 will be better though :))
- Rain of vengeance is great to stun mobs and deals a lot of damage
- Gloom is required for reflect damage and for surviving mobs that hit hard (obvious but I wanted to mention anyway)
- Vault to get out of Jailer/frozen mobs and to vault to health globes (I have like 30k life bonus from globes).

I also would like to try this build with a 0 dog WD I reckon I would work pretty well.


Any well geared DH who wants to try this and send me some feedback?
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The problem that I have with this build is that it has 3 abilities that use a lot of hatred with no hatred generation (20, 30, 35 hatred). I like the idea of being able to spam chakram like a boss though. So I think you just need to focus on having chak do as much damage as possible while staying alive.

I threw this build together real quick, just for something to think about. It's not perfect but it also might work well.


-Spam chaks as your main damage
-Always stand in caltrops for +10 crit chance
-Always have your bat pet up to generate hatred
-Use multishot when you get low on discipline (your bat will make sure you have plenty of hatred for it)

Since it uses caltrops, gloom, and vault, that passive nightstalker is good, especially with the extra proc you'll get from the caltrops +10 crit chance. Also, because of the caltops, your enemies will be constantly slowed, so cull the weak is a good passive to go. So is archery, since you will crit more from the caltrops.
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I tried using caltrops but does not suit the mobility of the build, good damage though.

I do not actually need hatred all the time cause chakrams are free to spam for me with -9 hatred cost.
I only cast fan of knives when I am surrounded to stun and killed they annoying demons.

This is how I deal with elites:

Start spamming chakrams from far, once monsters are close, cast RoV (monsters get stunned), if they are close cast cluster arrow till run out of hatred or until they start moving. If they are heavy melee hitters cast FoK for the stun and awesome damage. By the time my 2nd wave of RoV is ready most pack are gone.

I realised that using nighstalker is good as you pointed out seem to work better than grenadier. I am close to 100k dps now and again the only mobs that give me grief are mortars (due to my low AR).

Thanks for the input, and I seriously would like some better geared DH trying this build.

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Can try my build, it seems to work well for me with Vengeance and Night Stalker up to MP4.


I use 50 maximum discipline, 14 pickup radius, 65k HP, 350 all resist, 4000 armor, 356k dps (with Scoundrel), +8% damage to Elemental Arrow, and +4% damage to Elites.

I basically stutter-step Ball Lightning and save Fan of Knives for Elites, Goblins, and harder to kill foes. I use the Companion - Bat and health globes for hatred which is enough for me unless I face some Extra Health high HP elites (e.g. Extra Heath Maniacal Golgors). I use vault liberally and only use Shadow Power for elites.
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looks like about 214 RA on your gear

you are wasting a passive (Perfectionist) on this.

that perfectionist passive is giving you a whopping 21 RA and what 3k-ish hp.

with your DPS so low that isn't going to mitigate much at all.

you could have 10% CC using archery

You have good armor but nothing to help it. resistances killing you. Until you decide to get more RA I'd get rid of perfectionist and use something to benefit your dps.
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Good suggestion about getting rid of perfectionist. I definitively kill faster; however for higher MP I like the reduced discipline costs of perfectionist (tend to gloom more). I have to play more cautious now without those added resists. At the moment I am trying to upgrade both the manticore and Nat's chest. By the way it is not a decision to get more RA is I cannot afford it atm but working on it.

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