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Rate the Monk above you (new)

That's next on the upgrade list. That and a mempo.

i see ur res r all over the place but maybe this is just ur TR build.


A lot of changes since I rated you last. Solid DPS and all around monk!

Just continue to craft gloves for that Tri + AR. Once you get those you will break 250K DPS and 500 AR!


aye capt u r as great as ever

u hurt me right at the point i really need the glove u mention have being craft more then 1k or even 2k of glove but getting no where... but will keep going haha

(pls rate the mate above, im just replying)
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@shakyspeare, nice dex nice dps, what more is there to say?
Nice momo. 9 for survivability.
@ Gandyman 5.5/10

can't get much closer to 100k dps than that
@shakyspeare, agree with mynemsisVIC, you got a nice set-up going, 9.5/10 and I am not sure I can provide you with any helpful advise. Nice weapons, att speed is sweet to!

I am going to swap my ammys (monk and DH) which will give me 6K more dmg, 50k more eHP and put me at a solid 862 res all (with OwE). I plan to move away from OwE, but for now, I am focusing on hitting 200k, when I get there, i will start working on the OwE thing.
I got skipped. looking a you moose. so Im not going to rate you read the title its not rate the monk that started this thread
@labrat1317, sorry about that, I got caught up in work stuff and stayed on the page too long, you all posted in-between. In any case, you've got a nice set up (8.5/10). I went for CC, and lost some attack speed, so I am thinking that I will start working on IAS. How is your CC? I am at a flat 50% CC, 641% CD and 2.10 and 2.14 attack speed with weapons.

In any case, I have you at 180k DPS unbuffed, and 433k eHP with 503 all res (not sure if diablo progress take into consideration OwE).

My suggestion is to work on your eHP. DPS lets you kill fast, eHP and resistance lets you live long enough to do it. Regardless, a solid 8.5/10.
Nice PR monk. Well balanced and good survivability. 9/10
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It's been a minute since we have TRed last. Everytime I see you on you're collecting HC achievements!

@your SC monk still solid so i'll rate your HC monk.

60K DPS with plenty of Life with close to 6000 Armor and plenty of AR.

8.9/10 start inching your way to 100K!
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So beyond just a rating, I am curious to know how well I've been spending my money. I am at 177 million including everything (gems, failed crafting, etc.). I just broke through 150k DPS unbuffed this weekend. I've done it while trying to maintain good all around balance. I feel like I have done that based on MP9 being pretty comfy and MP10 possible, but not particularly pleasant yet.

I would rate someone, but it looks like everyone has been rated above. I will say that CaptainCarl is the best Shen monk I've seen. I didn't even think it was possible so 10/10 just for going against conventional thinking.
AZ, to determine if you've spent wisely really depends on how long you have been playing since prices have fluctuated so much over time. As an example, I just started a Barb about a week ago and if you include failed crafts I have spent about 24 million (not including gems) and am at 140K. It probably took 6 months to reach that level with my Monk and for probably 10 times the price. Now I did find the EF, the IK belt and one of the rings but you could probably find the first two for under 500K so it does not add much to the overall bill (not sure about the ring).

Looking at your gear, you seem to be pretty well rounded although you may have gone a little overboard on resistance. Overall 6/10.


I'm new to monk and don't know much but I'd keep on crafting more bracers to replace those
@Iam, yeah, I've crafted about 300 of the damn things. To be honest I'm reasonably satisfied with the end result. They're a bit low on resistance but with OWE I'm just under 600 overall.

As to your setup - I'm impressed. I think your Nat's ring is worth more than my entire Monk. 9/10.

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you have a good monk, but i'd try to get more dexterity.....usually on ring bond defiance, amulet and mainhand. It will definitly help your dps and your dodge chance


Simply perfect monk you got there.
sorry I can't rate the guys above me cause I'm new/noob to monk class

but be gentle to mine as well ...here's my monk

2H-ler monk here...mp10 farm..mostly
mp8 if i'm too lazy

all gear are transfer from my DH so they share same gear...

good day :)
solid 2hander monk you got there! 9/10
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