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Rate the Monk above you (new)


You really need to start saving up for a better Witching Hour and Mempo.
The 2% IIAS, 4 Crit Dmg and .5% CC you stand to gain would bump you up another 7k dps!
Surely that is worth the billion+ investment. Until then you'll just have to settle for a 9.95/10

I'd like to but Inna's pants/WH combo would make me super glass cannony. My pants currently provide me with 171k eHP.
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I would say that transitioning out of the pants u have and grab a top pair of innas. This would allow you to ditch the belt and keep the +130 set bonus while also transitioning into a witching. Could see a substantial DPS jump.

I know... I dont have a witching myself... nor can I seem to part ways with blackthorn set... damnit... I just cant afford one :(
@pete not bad but you really need to start upgrading gems, you're on the right path though. awesome name (chuck norris)
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@Pete I kinda want to cry haha. I have killed 4x as many elites as you have yet I do about 0.6 your damage

Are you building a hardcore tank? You have an insane amount of life, but not a whole lot of lifesteal (yea I saw your 2.8%). If you can swap out some of that life for damage and maybe some lifesteal or regen I feel things would probably move a lot faster and you would blow through whatever MP level youre speeding farming through that much easier.

But you kinda mentioned it in your post. Things that would increase your damage cost a fortune. Ask for a lone from a friend?
@tenzen since I was late to the party I will be fair.

insane monk, very jealous haha

Don't they have 110% critting gems now? Save up a couple billion and hit those up. A 20% crit chance would probably increase your damage between 20-50k if my rough head math is correct
@Blakalicious I guess you're just starting out. Alot to work on, try bumping crit chance/damage first. I don't know why you're stacking magic chance, it's not going to help much with legendary drops.

nice rare S&B monk! very nice ammy! but craft more braces and shoulders to pump your DPS!

nice and neat! 7.5/10

You have a very nice, balanced monk. Standout upgrades IMO are:

*higher VIT chest
*better trifecta gloves
*higher dex shoulders
*nats ring more DPS focused, however the AR on yours is nice

I think you could greatly benefit from a Won Khim Lau...
Last but not least, every dex class toon's crowning jewel is the 9/6 mempo! You are doing great, Rome wasn't built in a day...
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9/10 sick monk man.

Wondering what I should upgrade next? And also what should I look for when upgrading my weapons?


Lots of potential upgrades over each slot, could increase your armor by at least 300 more, not a fan of no CC mempo, but I can see you're pretty close to dropping OWE for good.

Good luck buddy!

i think u should build on the crafted item like glove, shoulders, amulet and bracer. those can bring ur dex/dps much higher



nice immortal king top haha, overall balance build maybe u can build more AR/DPS with the crafted

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9.5/10 Very nice monk. Only think holding him back from a 10 is probably a 6cc mempo but we're splitting hairs at that point.
looks pretty good to me. maybe try a WH and upgrade your hellfire after reaching P100

yea im pretty bad.. but i dont know what im doing wrong so please help

Start by replacing your belt with WH, chest with High Dex, Vit and RA, rings with Unity with high Avg Damage and AS.
8/10 I like your Unity. Both weapon, although it offered huge CD boost, is lack of native dps. Try to look for 1k+ with the similar affixes

Balanced well, the LOH, and LS is nice and high so increase your HP.
a sword with 1150 dps +dex, CD, socket and LS to replace EF.

really....that's about it its hard to upgrade your layout gear build.

Balanced well, the LOH, and LS is nice and high so increase your HP.
a sword with 1150 dps +dex, CD, socket and LS to replace EF.

really....that's about it its hard to upgrade your layout gear build.

The HP is always my problem, I think after I reach PL100 will be better as I can perma-slot in a marquise Amethyst to the head.
I do have a OS/CD WKL to swap with the BS, and unity for SoJ and I'll be standing at 200k dps cookie cutter.
Right now I have tons of enjoyment on this lower-dps Nirvana build on MP10:
WoL tapping sequence per second: tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-BoH-Bell down-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-BoH-Bell down

Next can rate @SUFU1
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@Yuhhaur!! hye!!

@sufu1 nice and sold build. 9/10. could boost ur dps to above 300kdps since ur using 1 handed LS. :)
P/S : Let me know if u wanna sell ur off hand sword.. =p
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