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Rate the Monk above you (new)

well fee your monk is far better than mine so i have no advice for you sir. sorry!
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you're being humble.
your gears are decent, otherwise, you won't be farming your way till 45.

6/10 for u!

As someone who is struggling to hit 200k on my monk I have absolutely no advice to give you. Very nice Monk! 9.9/10 (because I never give anything a perfect score)
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a crit mempo and a better gloves will put you down to 200K dps or even more! pretty nice on

working with AR gears as you can drop OWE eventually and focus on another DPS passive! 7.8/10

1: put your EF in your main hand so your skills hit harder

Everything else looks pretty decent, a nice balance of DPS and EHP

Only other advice i could give is upping your Mempo to a higher Crit version when you have the money.

In terms of crafting i'd keep crafting shoulders in the hope of 300+ Dex version of what you have and or a Quadfecta Amulet

All in all though, very nice

Does your monk gain arcane power when it crits? Maybe you can cast frost novas with your monk!

You have very high stats, but your current challenge would be to increase modifiers like AR, IAS, CC, CD without losing too much stats, would be extremely expensive.

But overall nicely build poison monk. The AV is a nice touch for a budget!

Does your monk gain arcane power when it crits? Maybe you can cast frost novas with your monk!!


Does your monk gain arcane power when it crits? Maybe you can cast frost novas with your monk!!



apoc = arcane power on crit?
@ Shade

nice nat ring. nice dps but may shore up a bit of armor - 7.8/10



apoc = arcane power on crit?

Ahhhhhh of course, bit slow haha


Get crafting on those shoulders bro, get a huge dps increase with some high 200's - 300 Dex ones.

Then have a go at crafting a Chest with higher Dex too.

I'd also have a look at getting a Nat's ring with Avg DMG

All in all not too bad mate. If you got some Life % on crafted shoulders and/or chest you would get a huge life boost cos you have a lot of Vit !!

Nicely geared poison monk with good dps. I can see MP9 / 10 giving you some problems here and there though due to the fact that you are 100% reliant on poison resists / OWE for your resists. Down the line, try to gear up with all res so you can drop OWE.

@Xenophis nice S/B monk. I'd look at replacing those gloves with a bi/tri that has atleast 250 dex. The dps hit you are taking for going with the current ones is huge even if there is some armor advantage (partially offset by the additional 100 armor that sti would provide by increasing dex by 200) 8/10

Your monk is excellent. Very high end dps, good amount of resists with OWE. Not much room for improvements, except to buy some very costly ones, as well as continue crafting in hopes for some better rolls. 9/10 for sure.

(Reponse to your post Xoran) : I have crafted gloves with 46 crit damage, 10 crit chance, 215+ dex, some vit, and low armor (in the 400's), but no all resist.

I gain about 12k - 14k from those gloves, I just choose not to use them because of the eHP loss.
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I love your innas temperance,as9 and 77ar, very nice. I believe u can easily pass 200k dps when dual wielding, but my guess is you prefer a conservative play safety seldom die gameplay. that's still cool. litany dex is a good combo to that.
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very solid monk ,love your ar and your ehp while you still got high dps ,very nice shiled monk !!
I,m new to monk just swithched from dh 2 weeks ago so I cant give an advice you too much
My suggestion are crafting new glove you can maintain your ar but you will get more dex cc,cd,asp
also craft some nice shoulders you will get one on par with def stat but more dex.
btw just my 2cents

for a 2 weeks monk, you have a good one..you have 600+ ar, which allows you to survive on higher mps.

Try to increase your CC, once you use the ability wave of light with blinding light. It will give more chance to stun enemies.

I personally dont like inna's favor, try to find one witching hour, will increase your attack speed and CD.


Nice vit., but low resis and AS. (7.8/10)
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Manchester everytime I see your monk your DPS is jumping haha

Crafting and the item hunt has been good to you. No real need to push away from OWE just make the right moves and you will be at 300K before the summer.


EDIT: sure Xeno add me up and Kel the Tals is for IAS which increases LOH proc since I do not run LS the faster I hit the more Life I confiscate.

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what a nice crafted amulet and shoulders you got there.


...I have a 1.1k shenlong relentless assault with LS, just for higher MP. and crafted a 300++ dex shoulder that adds 10k dps, but never included it just because ill lose a ton of EHP with it =D
I love my innas set, even if I know Ill get better dps with mempo/andariel and witching hour. and I like fist weapon that's why Im also a fan of shenlongs. though, planning to buy a good WKL soon.


your one of my idol together with jacksonmack, happy shenlong users. Ill give you 9.5 for a very awesome monk. can I add u ingame btw?
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CaptainCarl: i've always wondered how shenlong monks play, they look kinda fun ^^ i'm slightly jealous of your vile wards! =D, an excellent monk to be sure. 9/10 (because i still dont get why people love tals chest so much... xD)
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