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Rate the Monk above you (new)

Captain: Your IAS is pretty maximum now when you changed your tal's chest. I think your monk action swiftly. Yes, you are still the master of shenlong (9.5/10)

Xeno: I love your hellfire so much. I think you can upgrade all your gems, and may try to change WH belt with vit and ar can helping much dps and ehp. (8.5/10)

Kel: I love tals chest, because it can help me IAS. On the hands, I don't have enough gold buy mempo. It is because all my gears were self-found or gold obtaining from drop selling. You have great gear, so I can't find any necessary gear upgrading to you. (9.8/10)
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ManUnited - 10/10!! cause I'm a Man Utd Fan!!!!!
Very nice monk :) I'm a bit jealous 9.9/10
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Will: still have many buffers to increase CC and CD! (7.7/10)

Good looking monk, pretty well rounded... nice work.


Nice monk. Perhaps Nat ring and boots for the 7% increase to crit?

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pretty monk there love ur AR, nothing much to point out but i believe u can craft a better glove. 9.5/10
9.8/10 ... really nice gears. although i dont understand no mantra conviction
04/10/2013 09:59 AMPosted by Pete
9.8/10 ... really nice gears. although i dont understand no mantra conviction

haha i find that i can survive better with backlash build, i use overawe with wol sometimes

just replying nxt monk pls rate pete

Life after kill on a few slots, nice!

Could increase your res higher. EHP kinda low, perhaps this is not your main gear?

Edited by ReaLDX#6539 on 4/10/2013 10:17 AM PDT

I like most of your gear i'm just confused with the ik set. I feel there might be better choices for ehp and dps.

I like most of your gear i'm just confused with the ik set. I feel there might be better choices for ehp and dps.

You're just seeing one of them, main is still trifecta glove with inna chest.


Moving on and rate Dro
Edited by ReaLDX#6539 on 4/10/2013 10:29 AM PDT
@ Dro Nice monk he seems very new, if this is you first monk welcome to the family! The only thing that really stands out is unless your going for a TR build with a 4 set of Inna's a witching hour would be a decent dps boost for you. Other then that your farther ahead a para9 then I was. 7.5/10
@Dro 8/10 looking decent. I wonder why you didnt pick up an Innas helm with spirit regen if you are going 4 full innas. Also, Ice climbers can be nice, but its causing you to use a Lacunis which would be much better replaced with some crafted bracers. Pretty good EF. Your resists seem a little low, may want to start looking for an AR Innas chest with comperable stats to your current - but thats pricey!
Well I was going to go TR but it seems to be a lower mp build and I wanted to mainly have another melee option for ubers and also pvp. I have a 26% 6%/6% sweeping winds w/ 2.2 SR SOJ which I just equipped currently and sold my high spirit regen inna's helm. I have about 200m to spend, thinking about picking up nats ring/boot and a nice witching hour, although I hate giving up the -70 SW cost.

*durka* 9/10
I really like your inna's helm, I want one like it. Great all around build with nice ehp and dps.

*pehonix* 8.5/10
like me you are a little low on vit but you make up for it with the extra AR. Have you looked into a xepherian amulet for more SR?
Edited by Dro#1318 on 4/10/2013 11:09 AM PDT
@Dro: Yeah on Zeph Amulet, but totally broke atm. It will be awhile, aside from some D3 Lottery, before I can do that. Also my current amulet is making up a good chunk of my poor hps :)

not bad of a TR build 7/10. Try to get a SOJ, or about 5% more crit chance.
What MP do you run TR? 1? or higher? It seems like you have the resist to run higher mp w/ TR. mp5?

@RealDX, You look pretty solid IMO, but not really my playing type (too boring). 8/10
@Ellicit I run on MP5 pretty comfortably. I do have an SOJ (its only 2% tempest rush, bleh) but the problem is I'd either have to give up my hellfire or my nats set. Its a tough call. What would you do?
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