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Which Is Your Favorite Change Coming in Patch 1.0.8?

I like the monster density but I guess I assumed that with monster density would come elite density. I guess I was wrong.
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Definetly Monster Density far ahead of any other change that's happening. That's why I advice you to do it properly (go over every single random cave and make it full of stuff that would be amazing, imagine that every random dungeon you find gives you a tiny burst of joy - that's how it's supposed to be, imo)
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Definately the monster density. Hopefully we won't feel pigeon-holed into a "optimal" farming spot! Kill some skele's in A1, or crawlers in 2, and fallen angels in A4!
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I like identify all, because i like to pick every rares drops.
"A maximum of eight buffs and debuffs will now be displayed on the UI" <---- this one too.
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04/10/2013 08:16 PMPosted by ChangBooster
Jay, you'd lose a boatload of DPS and you already have like 800% crit chance...

But..but...darn your logic :(
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A maximum of eight buffs and debuffs will now be displayed on the UI

this, hands down. i just wish you'd also fix the situation with a lot of buffs not being shown on the buff bar at all. ie. foresight, blazing fists, lightning flash, combo strike, wall of wind, blinding speed, and the 10's of others i forgot.
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auction house compare and increased mob density
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Personally I like the increased mob density the most. Though I'm very dissappointed that you didn't announce any plans to make the demon hunter comparable to the other classes. There are so many threads and ideas on how to fix it... Here is a video that proves how weak demon hunters actually are. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93Y7iPJraV8
The player in the video is using 9 similar pieces of gear on his demon hunter and on his monk. The monk is about 4 times faster than the demon hunter, though they have the same paper dps.
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They're all good changes, and I can't wait to see what's planned for May 15.
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My favorite changes are the mob density increase and the multiplayer improvement.
also eagerly looking forward to Itemization changes after 1.0.8.
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Item compare in AH view are a great step. Monster density too.

I would like to see higher drop rates on Demonic Essence. Here's an idea:

Instead of having Elites drop a yellow 100% of the time, make it 50/50 (or 60/40) for a D.E. to drop.

Realistically, everyone should be farming the essences for BiS upgrades, it involves people in crafting, and solves the rare bloat problem. Win win!
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A lot of changes are coming in 1.0.8

A lot?? only mob density and cop bonus are good.
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1. Teleport fix.
2. Teleport fix.
3. Monster density. Please do not nerf it or tune it down from where it is now on the ptr. You could even add a few more mobs in certain areas, including some ignored areas of a3.
4. Teleport fix.
5. ID all.

6. Teleport fix.
7. Teleport fix.
8. Teleport fix.
9. Teleport fix.
10. Teleport fix.
11 Monster density.
12. Teleport fix.
13. ID all.
14. Teleport fix.
15. Teleport fix.

I only complained about this about this since the day of the release... Finally, after 11 months of being thwarted by anti-nether pebbles on the ground, the spell can work as intended! It didn't make sense to have everyone else's mobility skills not be thwarted by small little things, but teleport to not only have the longest cooldown (and cost AP), but also the worst chance of success.
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Improving the incentive to play co-op games and the monster density increases. The comparison tool tips is also very nice.
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itemization fix

oh wait...
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Act 4 mobs needs more mobs density!! please fix this Act 4 suppose to be scary and lots monsters to slay
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My fav hands down is the bonus experience given to groups that play in public games.

This will have a profound effect on public games given the extra incentive; Especially in hardcore.
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I guess I was sorrily mistaken, but I thought this was an itemization patch or at least something to address it?

The best thing about it (probably the monster density) but we have yet to see how much it increases. Knowing them, it'll probably be a 5-10% increase. Identify all is also nice, but should have been in from the get go.

I also see.. in fact, it's all I ever see is people complaining that their friends lists being a baron waste land.. so what do I see.. a whole slew of social features to talk to your friends? A day late and a dollar short?
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