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Which Is Your Favorite Change Coming in Patch 1.0.8?

Pretty much agree with all of the above.

I don't understand why they talk about itemization, and then do absolutely nothing to address it in this patch.

But, as anyone that's played any Blizzard game can tell you, pretty much everything we say goes in one eyeball and out of the other in terms of actually getting our feedback addressed. They'll make whatever changes they damn well feel like, but they'll definitely make it seem as if the "community" dictated the direction of those changes.

Give me a break.

I swear, they've practically redesigned the game at this point for no extra money out of anyone and you are still just judging things based on cynicism.

But, whatever, I also disagree that this patch fails to address anything. It doesn't have to address the revamp because it addresses what needs to be addressed first; the quest for loot. It's better that they focus on making killing monsters more fun and making multiplayer enticing so that, when we actually get the item revamp, people will want to go in and start farming together. This can have multiple effects:

1) People wanting to join public games will entice people to play PvP
2) People will want to join public games to get the quest bonuses for finding loot, as well to increase overall loot gain
3) People will also work together to get PLvl 100 and that will lead into addressing what to do after that point, which they've already brought up before.

So, yeah. This is a good start, giving us more monsters to kill, better bonuses, and incentives to play with people will overall help the game more than just throwing out an item revamp where people will solo all day and farm the AH.

That doesn't mean it will work, obviously, but design isn't guaranteed to work.
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Monster density and NV experience bonus being multiplicative instead of additive. Anything that makes farming and leveling faster.
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I like how there is a YELLOW square 'combat indicator' instead of something creative and diablo universe like.

Suggestion: Make the stone circles below the banners glow a certain color instead of adding something floating above the banners. It would feel more connected to the area which you are trying to use to display when players are in combat. It is a good idea, just not the best positioning in my opinion.
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My favorite change is how they fixed this http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/9989/infographiclarge.png

. . .oh . . . wait . . .
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There are lots of nice changes in this patch and I pretty much like them all.....the trouble now is the drops. Because of accessibility nothing is worth anything unless you get really lucky. You have improved farming a great deal but the crop coming up hasn't kept pace....
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A lot of changes...did I miss something in the patch notes? The patch notes seemed pretty short to me
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We'd love to know: Of all the changes coming in 1.0.8, which is your favorite?

"Players can now create multi-user conversations"
This is my favourite 1.0.8 change.

"Players now receive a 10% bonus to Magic Find, Gold Find, and Experience per additional player in a multiplayer game, up to a maximum of 30% in a four-player game"
This is my least liked change. I hate it. I don't hate this for the change itself. It's nice. I hate it cause it widens the gap between solo and co-op almost to the point where it's not even worth playing solo.

In the past:
Co-op with friends and solo when your friends are busy.

In 1.0.8:
Co-op with friends and do not play Diablo 3 at all when your friends are busy.

See the difference? And it's not a good thing at all.
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Why is nobody demanding a /nopickup?

This aspect annoys me, that there's no way to avoid clicking on junk loot on the ground during combat.
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i like how mob density change made several 'currently ignored by the masses, until some streamer 'discovers' them' skills even better. effects like 'enemies drop after death' were not really good nor cool in the desolate landscapes of live servers..

but i do not like that nothing is being done with class balance. surely you have the stats about each class and can see that BARB>>>>>>>>>>>>rest. why you dont do anything is beyond me. each day you wait == more and more barb players == bigger and bigger the outcry when you finally do something

WOTB: thrive on chaos - fixed max duration of 30 sec (or 45?)
WOTB: thrive on chaos 45fury gain per second (from 25s)

Into the fray from 15 to 5fury per crit
Sprint:RLTW - movement speed increase removed (you must be joking having rune that gives both speed AND damage..)

after these nerfs barb would STILL be the funniest class to play (synergies other classes simply do not have), but would not destroy this game anymore. you can keep OP classes in PvE games without AH, where farming efficiency DOES NOT matter. in d3 farming efficiency is everything and because of that OP classes have to go.
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The monster density changes are the most interesting ones. Can't wait^^
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Being able to craft stuff & not having to remove hundreds or thousands of crafting items from the stash first.
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1 - Monster Density (but it still must be improved (act4, some caves, etc...))
2 - ID all
3 - AH tooltips
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1. Archon
2. Monster density
3. Identify All
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please just make items worth while i cant find anything good
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Multi-Craft would be my #1 if it didn't still take the same amount of time it would take to "click and craft". Make Multi-Craft one click and done and by far it would be the best overall change for me.
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I guess the monster density changes, at least I may have the option of not running act 3 like I have for close to a year.

The other changes seem minor/luxury changes rather than meaningful gameplay aditions.

Bittersweet that these changes took so long.
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I LOVE the new mob density, trust me, but to make this acts worth again, you have to increase the number of elites.



Julius (EU)
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1. Monster density
2. Identify all
3. Salvaged item information will no longer be displayed in the chat log

4. More buff icons (would have been no. 3 but the limit is still too low)
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1. Mob density
2. Co-op incentives
3 ID all!
4 Archon and Teleport
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Have to say between ID all and Monster Crafting
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