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Which Is Your Favorite Change Coming in Patch 1.0.8?

I'm most interesting in the crafting updates. They should prove to be a real time and click saver when you're crafting dozens of the same thing, especially when it comes to gems and the like.
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Being able to craft while leaving mats in storage,Identify All,and monster density improvements are all fantastic changes.
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Experience earned by completing a quest is now granted to players that have reached the level cap

This is by far my favorite change. I've always been frustrated by the lack of xp from quests once your character hits level 60.

My second favorite would have to be the custom group chat channels. My friends and I have all been hoping for a feature like this since release.

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Expiration on Recent Players. Im OCD.

That said, this patch is really just fluff, with a lil added density to inferno (shoulda been all modes with MP enabled).

I think alot of us are really only concerned about that itemization fix you guys keep telling us is coming...
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Monster density mostly, so I can start running acts other than Act 3, followed by Identify ALL (FTW)!
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Mob density and the co-op improvements are also nice because usually it was a lot more efficient to farm by thy self then with a party.
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The lead designer.
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Monster density, id all, xp buffs from NV, party play xp buff....doesn't seem too bad. Anything able to get a very casual player like me up the P-slope is helpful. Still hopeful as to what the team can pull off before the year is done though, how the game will evolve seperately between pc and console side, how much overlap as well.
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Just email me when Toad of Hugeness and Angry Chicken are fixed and i'll play for the rest of the games life time...

Thank ye,
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Identify all a million times over.
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My favorite is the skill-based/magic-find based drops. The game has needed this since patch 1.01.
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Suggestion: In act I, put another stash next to the jeweler!!!
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The added buff is great... just wish all the buffs were actually considerated...
Combination Strike and Foresight still wont appear for some unknown reason..
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NV Bonus being Multiplicative. Best. Thing. Ever.
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I would have to say monster density and the ah compare tool, BUT those should be fixes that are done during the Tuesday morning maintenance and not a patch. Still waiting for the itemization fixes. That is what keeps me hanging on. Would love to be able to (just once) FIND an upgrade.
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Auction House Tooltip Comparisons

More monsters in other acts
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04/11/2013 10:01 PMPosted by Oni
NV Bonus being Multiplicative. Best. Thing. Ever

Seriously dude? The poster above you is right, the community as a WHOLE needs to stand up to this fluff and take some damn action! Instead of being happy with this BS of a distraction, demand the actual fixes that everyone has been asking for almost a year now! I understand damn well that they aren't going to give us an expansion for free (c'mon man, this is blizzard were talking about), but at least implement some game changing fixes.. I mean, what is the major tweak they're doing in 1.0.8? Monster density, and that should've scaled with Monster Power anyway! Ugh...
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1. Item comparison in AH
2. Monster density
3. ID all
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ID All

problem is everyone is like YEA omg we finally get this and we should have had it for the beginning once we got cain like every other Diablo game, it just made no sense to not have it.

Item comp in AH does help, but I really think everyone is just waiting for the item patch and certain skill buffs to make more builds viable.
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A nice change should be the comparison between both sided items against the one I'm looking, I mean, if I want to compare a ring, that the game/engine makes a dual comparison between both of my rings in separates popups, not only with the first hand one. This should be with weapons also.
All others changes like AH item comparison, and crafting are excelent changes.
Cheers all.
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