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Help me upgrade my Wiz

I recently switched to a SNS CM Wizard from Monk and need help deciding what gear to upgrade. I am still in the process of selling off more of my monk gear but currently I have about 750 million gold. I also have about 800m-1 billion in sales that I am sure will sell since they are priced right and highly bought items.

Would anyone please inspect my profile and tell me what would be the most likely upgrades? Also I understand that I may be buying BIS stuff one at a time and that is not an issue. In that case just suggest what you think would be the best 1-2 items that will give me the most bang for my buck. I am not looking for minor upgrades but rather long term upgrades.

Thanks, Cpllongjk
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bump, anyone have any suggestions?
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Just from briefly looking over your stuff you can easily find a better ammy with higher cc and as (try and find one with all resist instead of just arcane resist) if you can find an ammy that has life on top of all that then bonus but not really a must. Personally i would attempt to craft some better shoulders to replace your vile wards, might take some time but there are some examples of crafted shoulders that provide similar or better defense than wards and provide a better int boost. Depending on your play style ( are you doing high or low mp farming , just elites?, kws?, act clears? ) i would say sacrifice some survivability in favor of a tal's chest to get some more AS, you can find some tal's chest out there that provide some decent defense as well but going to be costly. Personally since your already rocking a nats set i would get rid of the pox and replace it with a trifecta ring even thou the pox you have right now is pretty sexy. The thing to keep in mind you wanna get as high CC and AS as possible to compliment your cm and reset your cooldowns quicker and have that diamond skin protecting your !@#. probably replace those blackthornes with some inna's temperance as well. overall your doing pretty well for yourself as is, only other thing i could recommend would be upgrading your witching hour (one with high all resist and armor) but that would probably be the last thing on your list to do since the one you have right now is fine.

Keep in mind itemization is coming and you might not been to keen on the idea of dumping too much cash into something now when in the near future your money could potential buy you something better at todays prices.

At the end of the day your upgrades are going to be based around your play style if your just focusing on low mp speed runs you want as much int,AS, and CC as you can muster so you can blitz through everything. if your doing higher mp or strictly elites your going to want some survivability (all resist, vit, and high armor) while still maintain a high AS and CC to compliment your cm and reset your cooldowns quicker.
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Well I can tell from the 400 elite kills your wizard has, you don't have much experience with her yet. I'm not sure what MP you are hoping to do with her, but you armour is far too low. It will be quite difficult to survive in MP9-10 with only 3800. Your LOH is also very low, you'll be wanting to have 900-1000 LOH MINIMUM to be able to be somewhat viable for the higher MPs (so don't drop the Blackthorne's like suggested above).

Other than that, it's looking good. More CC, AR and AIS is always great. Keep the 2.7+ APS and try to increase it of course.

So my suggestions, more armour, at least 1000 LOH, and get a CC ring instead of the Pox.
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