Diablo® III

Crispy Critters.

This is one of the last challenges I have, and I have killed 3 tormented stingers several times in one flame. But I never seem to get them killed at the SAME time, which seems to be the goal.

Does anyone have any advice? I usually try this on normal MP0, but maybe there is a better way.
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Suggest Nightmare. Don't exactly attack them. Use the flames to get them low enough that you can use an aoe attack once they're all down low enough.
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this is exactly like the unique quest u must tag them with dmg or else achievement wont activate i had the same thing jus go on a lvl60 on normal and reduce to like 50 dps aoe em once and let the flame do the rest
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Thanks so much Loea. I didn't realize you had to tag them with damage. I wasn't do that, in fact I was just guiding them to the flame and sitting in the middle while 3-4 of them got fried.

Is this something that can be done coop? I wouldn't mind dropping a few mil if someone could give me a hand (or at least the technique) for their time.
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Make sure you have Tormented Stingers (they spawn from the Cacoons and the Hell Bringers)

Load up game in Normal, I think I did mine with MP hoping for a monster density (not sure if this worked or not).

Make sure you take off all of your "thorns" gear. The demon forge must take all of the stinger's health. I did mine with my demon hunter, so I could vault away from the Tormented Stingers and kill the rest of the mob (so they won't block the flame from the Demon Forge). You should be able to wrangle up about 6 or 7 of them on the 1st floor of the cursed heart (Tower of the Damned Floor One). Once you have only the Tormented Stingers (with full health), go and stand in the middle of the demon forge fire and they will join you and become Crispy Critters.

If you still don't have it by later tonight, add me and I will help you out.
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Just wanted to thank everyone for their responses. I ended up completing it on normal MP0 without tagging them with damage. It seemed to help to get them right up close to where the fire starts as it ticks damage faster.
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gratz bud
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