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How do i make a godly monk?

Hi guys, im kind of new to a monk, as you can see by my para level, but i love it, and have gotten used to the gameplay of it. Im sitting at around 80k dmg without my SoJ, and like 73k with it. I locked around and saw all these amazing monk with 150k+ even damage, and i cant seem to get higher than 80k. i would love some help. thanks.
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Increase your crit damage by 50-100%. Then increase your speed by 30-40%. That should put you at 150k
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have 3b gold ready to spend. But no, the big thing is Crit chance, crit damage (no as much as cc) and AS. But make sure youre focusing on ehp. a good goal is 200k ubDPS and 550k eHP. find one elemental resist and stack that with all resist on your eHP slots (boots, helm, chest, bracers, belt)
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Thanks all. Im stacking fire res for the One With Everything passive.
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Lets start with your weapons, not going to cut it. Need higher damage plus crit damage and a socket. Gloves are bad , need either trifecta or bifecta with 200 plus dex. Ammy not good enough, either get 1 with like 90 crit and 10 crit chance or a trifecta with like 7 ias 60cd and 8 cc. Unity without attack speed or crit damage isn't worth it. I don't understand the stone of Jordan , if youre not tempest rushing or have like 200dps already, they aren't worth using. Plus you need to find places to get like 400 more vit or you will never be able to do high mp's I didn't calculate your res but about 600 is plenty and you don't have to have dual lifesteal if you can figure out how to get about 1000loh in other places. You can get a shield with like 250 dex and 200 vit with 8.5 cc and get to over 100k pretty easy if you drop the shenlong you have. You can get there with a shenlong set but they have to be really awesome to get to 200k dps.
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Godly.....see below!

1. 3500 Dex
2. 50 cc
3. 600 cd
4. 70k HP
5. 600+ AR
6. 55k Armor

If you have above stat, you can go to heaven becoming God! :P
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