Diablo® III

Why is everyone jelly ?

Over and over I see that people post arguments for nerfing some characters (usually the ones they don't play) and buffing others (usually the ones they have invested time and money in)...

Why ?

Who says that everyone should be equal ?

Who says that everyone should have the same skills, strengths, and weaknesses ?

There is a reason that different characters have different abilities...because players are not the same.

Some people like to tank

Some people like to kite

Some people like to sneak up on an enemy and ambush it

Some people value loads of DPS...and some would rather be fast...Skorns and daggers...all these options exist right now...in this game...for everyone.

All you have to do is pick your 'toon according to what you value in your skillset.

When you choose a (main) character that lacks the core abilities that you value then you will not be happy...and unhappy players flood the forums with complaints...they want their characters to undergo a transformation into another type...one that already exists..and in doing so, the character is mutated into something that other players become unhappy with....and the cycle never ends...

Want to be a beast...a one-man killing machine ? Roll a barb...don't expect your DH to fit the job description.

Want to be a well-rounded scrapper that can solo mp10 and yet is an asset to any group ? Roll a monk...

A good CM wiz is a blessing to any ubers team...and lets weaker players taste high MP levels...

A DH can ambush and smash monsters before they can even get close....

A WD can be a one player army and tank with the best of them....

All characters have strengths unique to them...and weaknesses...why would you want to take the "special" out of them and evolve them into a standard template that you outfit with a different "skin" ?

Anyway....just my thoughts on the matter...anybody else got an opinion ?
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When playing your favorite character seems like a wrong choice, there's problems to be had.
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I agree with your opinion
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Well said. +11 because I like Matt Smith as the Doctor.
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I would agree more if they had area specific loot and brought back monster immunities, which are some of the stronger reasons as to why I made new characters in D2. Some can farm certain areas better than others, now it all feels the same.
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jelly... lol...

The whole point of the game is to stack mf and kill lots of stuff really fast so you can find loot. All classes should be able to do that equally. Obviously the way they do it differs and people pick a class that suits the way they want to play.

But when it comes down to it, it's poor design that 40% of the available classes simply cannot find loot (again, the whole point of the game) as easy as others.... and no amount of gearing can help them...
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So, what are you trying to say? Everybody roll BARB or MONK?
Want to be a beast...a one-man killing machine ? Roll a barb...don't expect your DH to fit the job description.

hahaha buthurt MONK. You J E L L Y?
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Read your first sentence. Rest = pointless. Answer = because it's a broken mechanic. Srsly over the top. You didn't know that?
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A DH can ambush and smash monsters before they can even get close....

Please show me a video of this happening. You cannot do this on any serious MP at all, the only builds that even work in high mp's are the ones that involve facetanking, and even so, they are much less efficient than any other class.

Same goes for ubers as well. We're supposed to be able to kill them before they even get close? Yeah maybe if our eDPS was anything near our paper DPS.

Then again you don't even have a DH so how would you know? I have about 600 hours invested in mine, so I can honestly say that yes, DH do have problems that need to be addressed. I frequently play with a friend who plays a Barbarian (which I helped him gear up) and not only can he do more damage, he can take more damage. My paper DPS is higher but I don't have a 700% instant HotA or near constant WotB for free 10% Crit chance/20% dodge chance/20% move speed/immunity to crowd control effects.
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was about to say that, but it would be an insult to the GCB clan

shoutout to those guys those!
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Ever seen a group of well geared DH do to a map? Like 4 barbs or 4 monks, its the same.

Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. We can be a winner work within the system or complain endlessly like a loser.
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you know what , i main a barb but ...

lets not forget how bad mellees were and how much of whine there was about them on release ...

Game should be equal fun and effective for all characters otherwise youll get 80-90% of population BARBS and thats bad for economy. really bad. period
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