Diablo® III

Adopt a Noob

Just an idea right, but I want to see what kind of interest there is from the community.

The idea is for active, experienced players to link up and help out new players to teach them how to build and play their character of choice.

Teachers would be players that are active, and well experienced in the class(es)/build(s) that they're willing to tutor new players in. Could specify additional details such as:
    Free or for a price
    Times available
    Assist in Hellfire
    1 or more noobs
    Level 60/power level a new character

Noobs looking for assistance would be able to specify what they're looking for so they could be paired with an appropriate tutor.

Tutors and noobs alike could specify active times to assure smooth communication.

Specific details could be worked out later if enough interest is shown from the community.

Please leave feedback and if interested in the idea.
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04/18/2013 09:21 PMPosted by Enremeit
The idea is for active, experienced players to link up and help out new players to teach them how to build and play their character of choice.

I just wonder, is the game actually difficult enough for this? It ain't SC2.
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Wouldn't "Adopt a Noob" be more like "Teaching them the value of items"? That's the hardest part of the game --- to know what item is worth what!
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This is IMO one of the best ideas I think I have heard on the forums in quite a while. Great idea OP.
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It's an interesting idea, but isn't it just shortcutting people through the one interesting part of the game, where you get to discover your way through the skills?
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noone is noob. just spend time doing research and experience the game. This is not real life so no need teacher, university and degree
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This game isn't rocket science, anyone can try out what skills works best for their kind of play when they progress from normal to hell. No nannies needed in this simple made for casuals game.
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This is something I did in D2 as well. Most of my time was not with a single person though.

My thing, in D2, was to lurk the game names looking for people who needed help killing bosses (Izzy, Big D, Meph, Andy, Ancients, Baal, etc) Eventually, if we are able to do this in D3, I would LOVE to play even more helping people out.

This is a good idea for sure, and I give you props for mentioning it. I'm always down to help anyone that is in need, but holding someone's hand all through out is not for me.
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The definition of noob here would be someone who doesn't know the most efficient way to play (by play, I mean actually kill monsters and not the AH), skill synergies, how to gear up for different builds and other in-game intricacies and tips.

I, for one, support this idea
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I help new people all the time with advice, gear, gold or whatever. Have made some great friends along the way.
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The game isnt very hard at all. If the person did an hour of research heck 30 min he would no all the ins and outs of a character.
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Would this be for hardcore as well?
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I would like to adopt a noob. Once you graduate you will receive your diploma and college funds.
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who seriously reported the thread
also would be really nice of the community to do this
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I have been doing this

So i ll sign up haha
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I'd sign up. I've had the game but didn't bother to play it as much.
I don't know why some people say the game sucks,to me honestly it's great, it may lack some aspects but It's something. I spent money on this so why "beach" about,it'd be my loss anyway...

If anyone wants to adopt a noob, I'm here :D
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