Diablo® III

Diablo 3: Lord of Chaos. (Mega Revision)

With order secured in the Heavens, and all of Hell's leaders destroyed, the Nephalem now hold dominance over Sanctuary, unchallenged.
As more and more Nephalem begin to regain their powers, and become more than mere humans, a new face of civilization and power emerges, new powerful hero's emerge to solve Sanctuaries many unsolved mysteries.

Leaderless, and in chaos, demons begin fighting for dominance over Hell. Arch Angel Inarius, after being captive for years, realizes the unstable state in which the hells have become, and escapes his captivity. Soon after reaching Sanctuary he learns the world stone had been destroyed, and that the prime evils were defeated and consumed by the black soul stone, which had been lost after the last confrontation with Diablo. To his immense dismay, he learns it was a nephalem that had cast down Diablo. Inarius begins his journey in search of the black soul stone.

Inarius forms a land bridge between Torajah jungle, and the Amazon Island, and crosses over the sea, guarding the entrance with a chained "crazed demonic war dog from hell." (Yes, it can barf a "magma beam" for the sake of being horrible) This shows Inarius previously had some control over demonic forces.

A short period of time after Inarius reaches "Amazonia", the land bridge collapses, isolating the island. Tyrial, and a band of Nephalem had already crossed the bridge, and are not too far behind his trail.

Drawn by it's incredible energy, Inarius finds the black soul stone in the Amazonian jungle, which has been warped by the presence of the stone. Tyrial had managed to catch up to Inarius shortly after. To his surprise, Inarius had not yet plunged the stone into his body. Inarius instead attacks Tyrial and overpowers him, then captures Tyrial within the stone.

The High Heavens realize his treason, and his plan for domination, and set in a call for war against Inarius and his band of renegade angels. Inarius opens a portal to "The Void" on top of Mt Karcheus, where he ultimately traps and imprisons Imperius and other high ranking angels, many of which's souls were added to the stone.

After battling *Karcheus* the Nephalem unlock a portal to "The Void" in search of the trapped angels. To their dismay, The Void was filled with horrendous assenign monsters that defied reality. Then, in a "Dark Chamber Full of Rotting Corpses" Lilith was discovered inside the void, barely alive. She agrees to help track down Inarius. The band of hero's leave The Void, and start making their way North towards the Arreat Crater.

Inarius has taken over control of hell, and began construction of the new world stone, during which time, the world has started becoming unstable. A fortress is formed around the new world stone, all in which exists in a separate dimension, which can only be accessed from hell. Inarius had been planning to build a new Sanctuary, whilst destroying the one that currently exists.

Inarius plunges the stone into his body and takes the form of a human. Inarius then titles himself the "Lord of Chaos"
Mortals enter Hell for the first time, and begin their counter offensive.
Hypothetical Expansion Features
  • 2 and a half acts of new content
  • Toraja
    +Jungle (Fetish)
    +Temples (Zakarum, Fetish)
    +Crazy Dog Beast
    Amazon (Philios)
    +Land Bridge
    +Amazon Follower
    - can choose between ranged and melee
    - can make a copy of herself
    +Beach (Aquatic themed monsters, Corrupted Amazon)
    +Jungle (Azkari Warriors, Fetish, Undead)
    +Mount Karcheus (^,^, Corrupted Amazon)
    - Hall of Mirrors *Karcheus* <-Boss
    +The Void
    +Outward Barraks(Town)
    +Battle Fields (Human Npc vs Demons)
    +Fields of Death (Undead Enemies)
    +Realm of Creation (Renegade Angels, Demons, Inarius Elites)
    -Realm of Chaos (^,^,^) *Bugbear the Atrocity* <- Boss
    +Olam Stronghold *Inarius* <- Boss

    Reference to characters and locations
    *Karcheus the Watcher, is an Amazon deity of frost and ice. Deep within an icy cave secluded amongst its towering peaks, is the Great Hall of Mirrors where mighty Karcheus the Watcher sits upon his throne. Ever vigilant, Karcheus keeps watch over the people of the Amazons.
    *Inarius is a rogue angel. Formerly an archangel of the High Heavens, his actions would lead to the creation of Sanctuary and the nephalem. Wed with Lilith. Was held captive by Mephisto's demons in Hell, for a very, very long time, as he was tortured and deformed. Served under Tyrael in his days allied with the Angiris Council.
    *Olam Stronghold is something I made up. In Hebrew olam means eternity, so you could say this is The Stronghold of Eternity. This would be the fortress that is created to shelter and protect the new world stone. It serves as the new Worldstone Chamber.
    Note These locations could be anywhere, I chose them specifically due to their geographical features that haven't been used yet.
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    Er, the Book of Cain says that "Lillith, the first mother of the nephalem, was driven into a mad frenzy by the threat of her children's extinction." It also implies this may not be credible, where did you read she wanted to wipe out the Nephalem.
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    04/15/2013 08:40 PMPosted by MasqureMan
    Er, the Book of Cain says that "Lillith, the first mother of the nephalem, was driven into a mad frenzy by the threat of her children's extinction." It also implies this may not be credible, where did you read she wanted to wipe out the Nephalem.

    Meh, my understanding of that particular part of the story was not the best. So I would admittedly say that part of my story in particular needs a new looking. Though that being the case, her joining forces with the Nephalem at some point would not be all too unrealistic. I'm gonna take another look and make some iterations.
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    Made some final revisions. Hypothetically this plot could follow Diablo's lore, and is accurate to locations, characters, and potential story. Some things were left out, but I will get back to those later. For now this is my completed summarized idea for what I would like to see "story" wise in the next expansion.
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    Made some mistakes with some names before, fixed those things, will be adding more very shortly after I finish another draft.
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