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6 Property Rares isn't enough! Flavor stats!

Both Diablo 3 and Path of Exile use 6 property rares as the max.

Both games require a ton of defense making it hard to focus on other stats, but you might ask, What other stats? Besides critical strike and attack speed, there really isn't any other stats.


I already made a huge post with tons of replies by me and other players regarding the item system and how it could be more interesting and put Diablo 3 ahead of the ARG competition.

Read the original post which is full so I made a 2nd post:


Imagine a system where all rares had 1-2 random and rare "flavor stat" slots.

[Brief Example] (Read my post above if you want a very long description:

6 Affix Rare Chest Armor
-affix 1
-affix 2
-affix 3
-affix 4
-affix 5
-affix 6

Now look at the flavor stat system:

6 Affix Rare Chest Armor with 2 flavor stats
-affix 1
-affix 2
-affix 3
-affix 4
-affix 5
-affix 6
-flavor stat 1
-flavor stat 2

***** Why is this important? *****

- We focus way to much on defense, especially in hardcore mode. With this system, we can focus on the same thing we have been doing but also have our own fun with the additional stats. It would add depth and more enjoyment in finding gear. At the same time, it doesn't require a huge make-over. Is it really that hard to add a separate 1-2 flavor stat slots to rares that have there own affix pools of exclusive effects?

What would these flavor stats be?

There would be a pool of 100+ random flavor stats in which they are all unique, meaning, you can't stack them.

They could consist of things such as:

-Chance on hit activates a spell

-Chance on being hit activates a spell

-Chance on crit to activate a spell

-Auras that effect you and your party.

-Item QUANTITY (Chance for monsters to drop additional items)

I also suggested in that post that followers receive a make-over and are somehow incorporated in multiplayer games with there own equipment slots. (All there equipment slots can be follower only items) I miss the days of Diablo 2 where we had mercenaries that had like 3 auras because we had very rare runewords or uniques on them.
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I want to add one more thing which adds emphasis on why this is important. Been saying this since day 1.

Even if all my characters had every item slot with 6 affix rares with every stat I wanted, it wouldn't change the fact that the item system isn't fun.

If my character had every item slot:

Primary Stat
Health Regen
Crit Strike
Crit Damage

It wouldn't change my mind either...

This game desperately needs something fresh and new to the ARPG scene. We briefly had it in Diablo 2, but wasn't like a huge thing. I have never seen any ARPG focus on a flavor stat system.

Imagine, chance on hit effects that launch meteors, summon minions of various types, grant temporary buffs to you and your team, grant auras......... It would make everyone feel more powerful but at the same time keep the game challenging and entertaining.

I read the plans for 1.09... The itemization patch. You are pretty much making it easier to get the stats we "want". Focusing on vitality, primary stat, resists, and armor isn't going to change the excitement level in this game. It will be nice to get geared up faster, but for what?

A flavor stat system like I suggested would make things more interesting and offer something unique that other ARPG's never had.
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