Diablo® III

Can we have "paragon" followers with the exp?

Just an idea, as this might be too much for a simple patch (maybe for the expansion), but if followers could gain Paragon levels (no extra gold/mf for them---but improved stats), then they could be permitted to access an extra skill from their learnable abilities every 25 Paragon levels. This means at Paragon 25, an Enchantress could have BOTH Charm and Forceful Push. At 50, both armor effects. At 75, Erosion and Disorient, and at 100, Focused Mind and Mass Control---for all 8 skills :)

**This isn't asking for something for NOTHING though....it would take a LONG time to level them up to Paragon 100, but for those with a favorite that they are fully loyal too, it would be a nice incentive :)

***Oh, and one more thing...they shouldn't level up AUTOMATICALLY with the Player Character for Paragon levels (meaning you can't multiplay up to Paragon 100 and expect them to be there)--you have to actually PLAY (spend time playing) with your followers to level them into the Paragons. Otherwise, it will be too easy to get them there.

--An additional note: I (and many others) would still LOVE to see them made available for multiplayer--so each player can have 1. Perhaps, we can choose an "Alternate Color" for their outfit in case another player brings the same type of follower (i.e.: One player's Enchantress wears pink, while another's wears blue). **Follower skills CAN buff the party, but two with the same buff will NOT stack. Two Scoundrels with Anatomy only give 3% CC, but if one has Anatomy and 1 has Hysteria, both effects can be applied.**
(This would also help players to level them into the Paragon levels without having to abandon multiplayer for solo exclusively.)
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I'm pretty sure Paragon only applies to Nephalem, but the followers are normal humans.
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This seems like a great idea, except that they should level automatically. It fits the mold already established for the game, and it's not "free," because leveling to P100 is by no means an easy feat. It seems a little too burdensome to have to level each follower to 100, if we're talking the same time-frame as a player would take to hit the mark himself.

I would love to bring my follower into MP, as I spend a great deal of time soloing and I enjoy followers immensely. It feels like I lose an extension of myself when I join MP. At the same time, I can understand why this is done. Even with four players, depending on the class/specs, the screen can get so overwhelmed by chaotic fireworks that it's hard to make heads or tails of what's going on.
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