Wow, I haven't posted on the BNet forums since...a LONG time ago and definitely not as much as I used to on the D2 forums. Anyways, I'll keep this short.

I know there are a few other posts out there pertaining to a Diablo III expansion(s) and to me, whether or not Diablo himself is truly gone, this is a good time to explore the other mythos within the Sanctuary lore. The one that fancies my curiosity the most is that of Trang-Oul the dragon (and his ilk, whatever they may be) especially since the Balance is now tilted towards the light, it is a perfect time to bring the Necromancer, Rathma, and those related into the game, but not as 'good,' but 'bad' characters. It would be a nice change of pace to not be the 'hero' of sorts. Not to mention the other multitudes of characters and plot lines yet to be taken and their histories. Simply put, Diablo needs a rest and it's time to go to other routes for a while.

What do you guys and gals think?