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Hitman factor

Hi guys thought I would throw out there a little side quest that could be implemented into the game to give us something new to do while farming for paragon, legendary, time wasting...

Every now and then a merchant/townsfolk will have a little quest bubble pop up above their head and they give you a "hitman" quest, where they put a price on a monsters head either an elite/boss/number of certain creatures where you claim ears to prove the slaying of the beast. The "hit" can be given a time frame to be done in, a certain reward for the kill can be added such as a bag of cats or something just as useful...the monster which has the hit out on them can be anywhere in the act and you can be told roughly where it is or have to track down the beast by quizzing townsfolk/torturing other monsters like a gangster/investigator...The monster with the hit out on them can be a big gang leader and have a bunch of minions to fight through, or a whole army if you please....just a general idea with multiple options that could be applied to the system to suit the people better...Thought I would throw the idea out for the tough badass New Zealanders and wussy yobo australians to play around the idea with but let me know what you think cheers
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Seems possible. I hope they read this and consider adding to their good ideas list.

In the interim - why not have something that can be done in-forums. - eg you name a wandering or random monster and which act you find this monster and everyone who wants to play has to start a game and see who can hunt it down and post a screenshot back in this thread first. Maybe first screenshot showing the name of the monster with a sliver of its life left would determine winner.

if you get people interested, you could name a monster each hour, if less people, then just do this once a day or so.

You could even nominate hardcore/softcore as difficulty.

Good luck with the idea.
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Seems like a nice idea. I recall torchlight having a feature like this and I seemed to enjoy it too. I think in a Diablo 3 setting it would work pretty well too.
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