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how do I change my profile??? help plz!!

55 Tauren Death Knight
So I tried for a while and cant seem to locate any type of links to change my wow profile to diablo3
As you see I have wow pitcure as my profile I want to change it to d3

Help please!!
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Reply to me :) When you do, look to the left of the reply box and you will see your avatar. Use the drop down arrow there to select the profile pic you want. This forum does not use the fancy one at the top that WoW does.
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Omg thank you very much hah
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I can't seem to locate these Forum Avatars............I know, that MissCheetah meant the dropdown you'd see when posting a reply, like I'm doing right now. But I can't find my blue Battletag, nor any Avatars, which should be located under the blue Battletag. Neither after a Password reset. So that leaves no other possibilities to try, other than these, which are the (only) ones I've read. Can anybody help me out here? Also, maybe there's some level requirement to it? I don't know, I completed Normal Difficulty, non Hardcore. I don't have a SC2 account, and I recently got my hands on a retail WoW trial, which I got with my Diablo 3 game. (Is it possible to change my Forum Avatar whilst playing the Trial?) And I'm sorry for this rather 'Necroing'. But I'm really keen on changing it/them.
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For Diablo 3 forums there is only one avatar and you are using it.

If you want to switch from a D3 avatar to SC2 or WoW then you will need to follow the instructions I gave the OP. The drop down is the little V symbol next to your name when you go to reply. You can select avatars there although sometimes you need to select Manage Characters to get more options.
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Oh, okay, that answers most of my questions. But now my problem is, I don't have the option to ''Manage Characters''. Neither on US Forums and EU Forums. I haven't read an alternative so far.

EDIT ::: Ah, as I expected, once I'd reach Level 10 on WoW, I'd be granted an Avatar, that's based on my ingame char. Only question I'm still wandering about with, is whether ingame changes are dependant on your Forum Avatar, but I guess so, because when I click their Profiles, it takes me to the Armory kinda thing, and it displays the exact kinda Armor as it does on the Forum Avatar. I think this can be locked now, thanks Cheetah!
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Glad you sorted it out and yes, your WoW avatar will display wearing whatever armor you have on them in game!
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