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is there a better way to farm gold

i just dont want to spend any kind of money what so ever so i've been grinding hours just to make gold so i can us the AH. do higher mp's lend more gold? i'm rolling along in mp3 right now but i need more gold before i can bump to 100k dps and really start flying through mp 4 or 5. any suggestions would be great
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gold farming is pointless.

you will never be able to farm enough gold unless you are botting it.

add me in game and we can do some runs

best way to make gold is selling items on the Ah

i know it sucks but it is the only way to afford upgrades.
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so i should just randomlly put some of the items i find on the auction house and see if anyone bites on them? i have some legendaries and some decent yellows that fall, just nothing i can use.
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just add me in game and ill help you out with the Ah

nothing is random in this game. no matter how much they say it is
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ah is the easiest way to make gold if you have something people want to buy but if you don't then it's pointless. what i do is material farming. i pick up every blue, rare and gem i find salvage all and sell them in auction house. suprisingly, essences from normal can sell for 1k to 2k per piece.inferno essences sell bet 500-700 per piece and tears sell 1500-2000+ per piece. it's really grinding but at least it's guaranteed gold, and sometimes you find a nice item that sells for alot just make sure to check what it's really worth before you try to sell.
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i have 200 plus demonic essance and over a hundred tears and inferno essances. so demonic essance sell for 1k per demonic essance?, that would be very helpfull lol. when do you play foot of god?
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i deffinately would like to figure out how to work the AH. obviously i dont play a hell of alot, maybe 2 to 3 hours a day so i know thats going to limit me as well. but any tricks to get more money for my time will be great.
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not the demonic essence, that's account bound, exquisite essence the one from salvaging items cost about 500-750 gold depending what time of the week it is. tears can sell for over 2000 per piece. brim fluctuates between 10k -12k or more if there happens to be a new change for patches. i expect them all to increase in price when they buff legendaries and crafting. just remember to save materials if you want to try and craft for yourself.
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do you think crafting is an effective way to find something people will want to buy or are the rolls usually that unpredictable that it makes it completely worthless?
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the new crafting items from 1.0.7 are the only good ones and they are BoA so you can't sell them. the rolls are pretty random but everyone is trying for tifecta or quadfecta. check out my gear for reference, mind you it took me 70+ tries for my gloves(still trying for a fire resist one), 30+ tries for my bracers, only 2 tries on my shoulders then i threw my vile ward away and god knows how many tries for this ammy but im still trying to improve that one. if i were you i'd try crafting for bracers right now with crit chance, should help with res or vit and sometimes if your really lucky more dps. it's really a gamble but cheaper than spending billions on an item cuz even for me tha'ts ridiculous.
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thank you guys, i'll never have a billion to spend, so i'm just gonna keep grind and hope for good fiinding, selling and lucky rolls. how much are gems selling for these days?
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emeralds are where it's at. flawless sq can get up to 12k a piece because every class wants one. might be a prob cuz u need them too. try selling topaz and ruby(those really sell)
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This is one way to turn a profit: take advantage of items priced differently (GAH vs RMAH) by
selling an item which is worth more on RMAH instead of the GAH.

e.g. filter GAH & RMAH for Immortal King's Eternal Reign; stats STR/VIT = 190/158
you'll find approximate comparable items (at time of writing this):

immortal kings eternal reign on RMAH = $13.99
immortal kings eternal reign on GAH = 120M Gold

Ok now check how much a radiant star emerald is worth in Gold & $USD.
1. their values are:
RMAH $1.35

1M gold is worth $0.05625, or
$1.00 is worth 17.77M Gold

which makes:
immortal kings eternal reign on RMAH = $13.99 (or 248M gold)
immortal kings eternal reign on GAH = 120M Gold (or $6.75)

You can see that the RMAH item is wayyyyy over priced. Overpriced by $7.24 (or 128M gold)
Now you can see a difference between the GAH & RMAH items! so

1. buy the GAH item and undercut the RMAH item to make a profit...so GO!
2. Buy GAH item
3. Sell item on RMAH for BLIZZARD DOLLARS (UNDERCUT the comparable item or pray it sells)

Now to convert blizzard money into Gold
4. Buy Radiant Star Emeralds with your Blizzard Dollars on RMAH.
5. Sell Radiant Star Emeralds on GAH

6. buy whatever you want on GAH with the profit.

Obviously whatever item you put up has to sell on the RMAH for this to work...
the reverse also applies (buy on RMAH, sell on GAH).

tip: if you're selling the gear you normally use, then make sure you can buy back a similar item to what your selling for less than what your piece cost you.
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flipping ah->rmah is nothing new, but something which you have not encountered before is the risk on doing rmah flipping.

if you so happen to buy an item from GAH which came from a compromised account(which we can never know), and you SOLD it off in RMAH, congratulations, your account MAY BE banned forever. Its a land mine no one would know.

WHY i know? because it had happened to me once.

so be mindful of the risk involved in doing flipping.

I was lucky that I used a separate rmah selling account during that incident. but still i lost about $1000+ worth of items in that account.

good luck and happy gaming.
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thanks again guys, i've just been trying to get some decent drops and sell on the AH and grind it out that way. some of the better legendaries seem to sell pretty well as well as amuets and rings that are good.

so if i were to sell 100 flawless sq. ruby's what would that bring me?
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i'm also thinking i could cannibalize my WD and straight up focus on my monk which would probably help if just put all my eggs in one basket and really focused on my monk.
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TheFootOfGold how to finde you in the game ???
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