're wrong. You stated that "randomness is an important aspect of Diablo games"....did you ever play Diablo or Diablo 2? The items, especially the legendaries, weren't random, they had a small range of stats, but each item was pretty much set. So when an Oculus dropped, you knew you weren't getting strength.

Exactly. When people think of Diablo, they do think of randomness, but there is such a thing as too much randomness, and it's like the Diablo 3 devs said "ok guys, if it's possible for something to be random, let's make it random"

Random stats on legendaries are pretty much the worst idea ever. Random ranges are fine, but what is the point of having +1 random property on a legendary, when you know that only one random affix is going to make that legendary really special?

What they need to do is
1) improve the properties of rares and magic items by increasing the types of properties
2) tightening up the ranges to make them more suitable for the item level
3) remove sockets from the property pool and instead just give each item a random chance to roll with a socket or multiple sockets with crafting options that allow us to add sockets to items (same as Diablo 2
4) Remove random properties from legendary items, make their property types set in stone with a small variance on some of the ranges that can be rolled.
5) Introduce MANY more legendary only properties that affect individual abilities or schools of magic to greatly increase build diversity

If you do this, you've fixed most of Diablo 3's problems, and then you need to focus on getting the economy out of the dumps