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"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization - Answers (Part 2)

Thank you Mr. Chang for answering my question about damage differences between elemental and physical damage weapons.

I didn´t know the "adds x% to elemental damage" was also a bug but thanks for acknowledging this issue. I thought elemental damage was intended to benefit from both affixes ("+x% damage" and "adds x% to elemental"), but I guess you originally had monster resistances in the game so that´s why you made them different, the bugs just made the two weapon types uneven.

I understand that it´s difficult to change damage values on weapons because it would also change their value and probably upset a lot of players (like it did with the early IAS change), it´s just that in my view a bug is something that should be fixed if it was not intentional, no matter what.

Anyway, I´m looking forward to the patch when you introduce the new items without the two bugs you talked about. Good luck with the changes and balancing them out. I´d gladly help with anything related to improving the game like class skill revamps and itemization.
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Just wanted to add I only say these hurtful things because I love Diablo franchise so much, and I hate watching it fail which is what it has been doing since release of D3
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First off... I thought these were the answers to our questions but I'm not actually seeing anything getting answered here... Isn't that the point of these Q&A, to provide answers? Not just talk about what they are talking about.

^^ THIS ^^ I cannot believe that intelligent people took this long to come up this....
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all you need to do is go and play PATH OF EXILE. they patch weekly adding new uniques skills fixing things that are broken, and guess what they GIVE A !@#$ about their players
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you need to bring back check points like in d2
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What I heard:

"Lots of great ideas, guys! Unfortunately, you're all wrong. You see, we know what is fun, not you. Better luck next time!"
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For example, adding a socket to an item as the result of a one-time quest reward feels really awesome, but over time it starts to become more of a burden instead of a benefit. When you have to level a new character through the entire game just so you can socket the new cool weapon you want to use, the shine starts to wear off really fast.

NOT TRUE. This actually encouraged people to start new characters in a positive way! I know not a single person who complained about that. You should look at things also from more positive perspective.
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I don't know if you guys at Blizzard know this, but some other company fixed Diablo 3 for you, you might want to look into legal action, the game is called Path of Exile and they went and took out all of your flaws for you guys and are letting people play it for FREE! Can you believe that?!
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No answers,
No decision,
No roadmap...

Nothing but wind...
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More useless fluff.

lack of item customization
lack of truly unique items
complete dependance on gear
item linearity between lvls 1-59
terrible crafting
useless vendors
facilitated player to player trading

the design decisions regarding the topics above all point to one, game plaguing, philosophy: maximize RMAH revenue.

we are never going to get the changes we desire, because most "positive" changes would lower item turnover, and therefor, RMAH revenue. They're never going to let that happen. Maybe we should all just move on. Diablo and Blizzard are dead.
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I find Wyatt's answers to be quite straightforward and honest, especially admitting that the black damage weapons overpoweredness was due to oversights and bugs..

We, the community, knew this was a bug even before this Q/A with the devs, so Wyatt pretty much just stated what everyone already knew concerning the black weapon dmg.
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There were about 1000 questions asked in this thread:


I think we deserve more than the answers to just 8 of them.
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You know I hate to say it, but if the open beta had any of the these types of mechanics, the elemental bug would have been found very early on.

Also, you could have let players decide if "socketing a weapon from quest rewards" was a chore or not. Whoever you had testing the game doesn't know what Diablo games are about. Hint: Its about building items and characters, not playing endless grinding for items that you will never find and resort to playing Auction House 3 in order to get any satisfaction.
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Had to jump in here after seeing so many silly comments bashing their responses. This round of answers were a step up from the last round. This game is going to take forever to fix...

I'm liking what I'm hearing for the most part, good luck and i really hope that 90% of these things you talk about dont go unimplemented. And just make changes to items regardless of the community, otherwise it'll really take forever and you will get no where. Take, for example, the ridiculous responses you got for well thought out responses - many simply cant grasp what you are saying and complain regardless and dont realize you are trying to make it better and right.
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This is my conspiracy theory:

I suspect Blizzard laid off a lot of people right before game release. Now they are working with a limited staff of people that actually know how to fix stuff code side. Its not hard to dream up cool ideas and solutions, but putting those into a game can be difficult as was mentioned. Where are the folks that built the game now? Are they no longer with the team because their skills are expensive to keep around on a permanent basis? Is Blizzard too tight to keep a set of capable minds to work on the fly with these Itemization changes?

I suspect there is a lot of bureaucracy at work here. They are buried in cash and want to keep it that way. The best way to do this is to keep less expensive employees working out the kinks, then hiring on temp coders to implement every 3 or 4 months.
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"Yes that's a serious issue but we have no plans for that right now"
"Indeed but we'll address that later (note to self: said the same almost a year ago about many things still not working as they should)."
"Oh you found a bug breaking itemization and economical balance? We have a reason why we can't fix that"
"We promised to bring patches actually changing things (note to self: it's bad enough that the game was so half-baked we need these "game changing" patches) but if you bring up any important topic like dominating stats all we can say is we know about the issue but have no solution for that at this moment and even if we figure out something it will propably take another half year before you can see a blogpost about it"

And most importantly!
" that kind of homogenization (while totally appropriate for other games) doesn't really fit with what Diablo is all about."

You did not finish your sentence.
" that kind of homogenization (while totally appropriate for other games) doesn't really fit with what Diablo is all about, the Auction House."
Am I really the only one who feels how embarrassing to truly feel or even worse, KNOW, that this sentence ends like that? Homogenization is bad? Overall indeed it is. Homogenization for a bazillion of equally lv60 characters? How can that be bad? Oh it stops the economy. That's always more important than tiny things like... build diversity and so on...

Sure D3 Devs can do the reasoning part better than most of the others (and I even agree with them, don't misunderstand me), but they MUST understand how frustrating to live in reality that shows us EVERY.SINGLE.TIME they explain only why they can't do the job.
No offense, but this is really really depressing, sad, and a shame for both me, as a player who loves the universe and gameplay of Diablo, I _want_ to love the Devs aswell but they just keep slapping me in the face, all the time and even harder every time.
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I wouldn't blame testers for anything design related. Testers find bugs and don't have say about design.
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Wyatt, is your surname pronounced 鄭?
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