#signs in. [Check]

#Paragon 100 Barbarian [Check]

#scrolls AH for 5minutes "nothing" [Check]

#Presses "O", pops up friend list 1/32 friends online [Check]

#Views character looking how beast he looks DPS /Appearance "maybe i should change the shoulder pad colors to inferno red today.[Check]

#spends 10minutes reading trade/general channel, laughs at pointless gear links and trolling amongst other noobs. [Check]

#not a single finger was worked out that day. [Check]

#signs off and goes back to forums: Diablo3.com / Diablofans.com [Check]

#repeats process in 2 hours [to be determined]

get a life maybe? must be sad that your life sucks so bad that you have to log into a game that you dont like just to be disappointed.. maybe the problem isnt the game but maybe your lack at not sucking in life?

you even lift bro?