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Died to maintenance on Hardcore

So I was just playing tonight and I saw the pop up saying that the servers were going to go down for maintenance then the 15 minute warning popped up. So I'm like, cool 15 minutes until i hop off, I'm gonna kill some more until there is only 5 minutes left then I'll just log off. The last thing I saw was "12 minutes until shutdown" as I was fighting an elite pack then I got some error 3007 or something and it kicked me to the login screen...sure enough, i log in and my Paragon level 34 Wizard is dead...this is just awesome Blizzard. Thanks a ton for that one!

Is there any way of getting a rollback since this was not my fault and was in fact your fault. I saw the message clear as day that there was 12 minutes left until server shut down and then i get booted from the server. How is that fair to me as the player who has invested tons of time into my character only to have it killed by your server screwing up?
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lol they won't do a darn thing sucks but they don't care
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sad to heard about that.. raise ticket to Bliz and hope they're able to help you to rollback, but will the items bound on this account after rolled back? only Blizzard will know..
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havent they already said they wont roll back a account if a h/c char dies from d/c?
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That SUCKS mate...sorry to hear that! Can't offer you anything more than condolences and RIP Wiz!
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The only excuses that 'use' to work is your account getting hacked.
They no longer do that now... so I hear.
I died on an in-game bug and didn't help get my character back.

Sadly, we take those chances of dying, even when it's their fault. I guess it's like real life. Someone can run a red-light, hit your car and kill you. It wasn't your fault, but you're dead.

There is a pop-up we agree to when creating a hardcore character.

Just build another one... you know you will. Good Luck!
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I even proved it was their fault using D3TR and i recorded the entire event

i doubt anything will happen, sorry man :/
I've considered going back to softcore. but softcore just makes me want to quit :(
sooo im taking a fresh look at POE
and waiting for D3 to come out on console to play hardcore solo offline.
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I am sorry for your loss. However the above posts are correct in that they will not restore a HC character for any reason. They have also stopped rolling them back in the case of account compromise. Also, trying to play right up to the last few minutes is very risky...and that was a risk you knowingly took.

Support Links:
Fallen Hardcore Heroes
Customer Support cannot revive fallen hardcore heroes for any reason. Hardcore heroes cannot be rolled back.
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