Hei guys,
a little late to the party but here's another android app using the Diablo 3 wep API.
It's pretty customized and optimized to work and look well on phones and tablets.

The main features are:
- Server status (very important as we all know :) depends on when Blizzard refresh their site )
- Viewing profiles by battletag
- Detailed profile information
- Ability to update/delete profile right from the list (on long tap)
- Time played per class
- A full list of all heroes in a profile
- Detailed hero info (items, stats, skills, followers)
- You can browse your heroes offline, the app saves all heroes/ profiles you viewed for convenient offline usage
- You can set an update period in the preferences screen, and the app will update all your profiles at that period
- Preference to clear the images cache

If you guys want to give it a spin you can find it here:

If you have any problems, send me a shout at hokori.software@gmail.com. :)
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