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MP1 Speed Runs: Skorn/Gem/Skill Questions

Hello WDs!

I want to massacre allll of the scorpions until the xp nerf in 1.0.8. Was lots of fun running with my monk friend, and the build I'm using on current profile. However, I was using a 1-hand with mana regen and a 90cd gem, with Thing of the Deep.

From enough time on the site I get the impression that a 2H (assuming Skorn) makes these runs faster. In addition, I believe that the preferred gem is the best ruby you can get, over the emerald.

Any WD that's doing (or has done) a lot of these, some questions for you:

Is this true, should I be using Skorn? With a Ruby?

If so, what am I looking for in a Skorn? I'm not too familiar with what affixes and stat ranges it can roll. What I'm using now I picked up for 250k or less. I'm not necessarily looking to invest heavily in a Skorn with Lifesteal for higher MPs until I know more about how to use one, and am focused on ultra-smash-and-grab for now.

If so, then what about the time lost by ditching Thing of the Deep and having to move less efficiently for both gold pickups and the range loss for Grave Injustice?

I'm quite happy with the build I'm using, but I suppose someone with much, much more experience with speed runs would have some recommendations / tweaks / links to other builds I should consider. My desired emphasis is on kills-in-one-blow, speed, and range.

Thank you!
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Do you mean mp10? If so, I'll let someone else comment.

If you meant mp1 speed runs, it's all about 1-shotting monsters, which means boosting your minimum damage as much as possible while having lots of pickup radius. Your amulet and boots are on the right track.

Your Skorn has okay minimum damage. I used to have one with lifesteal that had 1167 minimum damage unsocketed. What you'll find is that nothing can compare with the minimum damage of a good rare Doom Hammer.

Check out the rest of my softcore doc's gear to see what I did. You can get pickup radius on your shoulders, chest (unless you go Tyreal), bracers and boots without losing minimum damage. You can also get it on your helm if you don't need the mana. You can also get a Blackthorn belt with pickup radius for a slight damage loss compared to Inna's.
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Yes I definitely mean MP-One, thanks for checking.

Sounds good, I'll look into boosting my min damage!

Is your entire build and gearset focused on low-mp speed runs? It appears to be...
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Dikembe has given great advice. Get yourself a doom hammer with the highest base damage possible and a nice intel boost. Then stack intel and average damage on every item possible. Note - for farming low mp levels, intel +avg dmg are far more important than cc/cd. Gear every single items for dps - don't worry much about resistances or life. Also be sure to get +10-20k bonus to health globes. Pop on a pair of BT pants, and you should be able to breeze through mp1 with no problems.

It's possible to gear for this build very cheaply, while getting about 100mil xp/hr. Add me in-game and I'll take you though it in more detail. I can also help you shop on ah for some good deals...
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yea i chucked a marquise ruby in my skorn last night, gained about 5-6k dps, but mainly the weapon damage proves to be really effective espeically with Locust Swarm: Pestilence.
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04/15/2013 12:37 PMPosted by Rookfire
If so, what am I looking for in a Skorn?

1350 raw dmg
300 intell
Lifesteal 5% +
Crit Dmg: 180%+

skorn with those stats should do you pretty good. if you can afford with one with higher raw dps, like 1400, then go for it.
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Is your entire build and gearset focused on low-mp speed runs? It appears to be...

Yup, I have some other gear for Ubers, but this is my main set. It used to include xp gear like Hellfire/Leoric's/RubyInHelm, but around level 93 my pants MF/GF capped me and leveling became less important.

In my opinion, the strength of a WD is at MP0-5 where mana is irrelevant. I can 1-shot Act 1 & 2 on MP4 and Act 3 & 4 on MP3. With my build, the monsters die close to me, so I can easily pick up items (compared to a TR Monk for example, where monsters might be dying 50 yards away from cyclones).
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Hey Dikembe, I've just had a quick look at your build and I think there are a few small tweaks that would help a lot. First, your gearing is perfectly suited for Acid Cloud, but not well suited for bears. With bears you want cc/cd/mana regen, but with AC you just want high base damage and intel+avg dmg. This is because the damage from bears stacks, but the damage from AC does not. You have geared for max damage-per-cast, but your cast rate is very slow. AC is the perfect build for you.

Your weapon could get a lot more damage on it if you removed life steal. Your weapon does 1563 dmg with 176 intel, vit and life steal. I just found a hammer on ah for 250k that had no vit or life steal, but 1690 damage and 340 intel (gem incl). This would massively increase the damage of each spell. You already have decent ehp and you've stated you mainly farm lower mps - you can basically rely on globes and a little loh at that level. BT pants should give you enough loh if you find globes aren't enough. You could also switch your soj to either AC or dogs.

Before the latest patch I ran low mp farming with the following build:

Acid cloud is used to one-shot all white packs on the screen and sacrifice is used to one-shot elites. Soul harvest is great for killing without the need to actually stop to cast. The aim is to constantly be running, while maintaining all buffs.

I'd be happy to take you on a few runs - add me
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Does Angry Chicken actually increase run speed? Does it stack or have an interaction with runspeed on gear?

Great builds, gear, and advice everyone! I'm still trying to figure out if I want to just pick up new pieces, or transition my current gear to running to 100 PL faster.
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Thanks for the tips Trefnwyd. I’ll give Acid Rain another try. In my experience, bears generally work nicer for 1-shotting because all their damage is instantaneous (so monster deaths happen within my pickup radius) and I can send 2+ bears at certain targets in 1 cast with proper positioning (since not all monsters have the same HP).

My weapon is definitely my weakest link. I'm sitting on 100M gold waiting for a good Doom Hammer to show up on the AH.

I’ve settled for this weapon in the meantime because 1-shotting MP3-5 is all about minimum damage. You mentioned total weapon damage and crit, but these are only relevant for elites, which are less important since the bulk of my time is spent against white packs, and the SOJ takes care of elites.

Right now my weapon has about 1350 minimum damage unsocketed. The max is around 1500, with max intelligence around 595. It is very hard to find a black Doom Hammer with high min damage, intelligence, life steal and socket. If someone has a nice one for sale (crit damage not needed) please let me know.

You're right that life steal isn't necessary at low MPs (like 0-1) but at 3-4 it’s all that keeps me alive when I use Pierce the Veil instead of Spirit Vessel. Over time, I will add more ehp from my shoulders, chest, and boots and so I can drop life steal.

Does Angry Chicken actually increase run speed? Does it stack or have an interaction with runspeed on gear?

Yup, 15%. Stacks with gear. Removes Jailor effect too. Sometimes it seems to bug out and not provide runspeed beyond gear cap though.
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The damage % makes a significant difference in making a ruby stronger then an emerald. I'd strongly recommend using one of the calculators in making a purchase. I personally use d3rawr.com, but there are several out there. It's difficult to use hand math to figure out what will be best for you.

Since I switched to the 5.9 LS skorn, it's significantly easier for me to survive higher MPs. That leech isn't needed really at mp1 though, so you can get the same damage for 1/100th the cost to start out.

For low mp, acid rain is amazing as others said. That and vengeful spirit are your best friends.
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