Diablo® III

If YOU could create a patch what would u put in it?

Extra skill slot at para50, and passive when you get to Para100.
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new maps from the other character's backgrounds, ivgorod, wherever the wd, dh and wiz are from
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Itemfilter and pickupall-function like in Sacred 2. Man, what a great game that is. :)
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04/15/2013 09:53 PMPosted by Jt3z
Buffs, Nerf, new content? Anything u want.

1. Transmogrification just like how World of Warcraft has it.

2. An option to remove all the Act boss chitchat through the acts. Seriously if I hear diablo say "you can't kill me" again in Act 4 I will scream. So annoying.

3. Make it possible to change the windowed game mode resolution via the ingame drop down menus. (An issue that has existed since before launch)

4. Make Whimyshire always have a purple monster appear each time. One of them randomly spawn each time. And they will actually drop good loot. I'd say something like
- 3x yellow recipe
- 2x JC recipe
- 1x legendary or set recipe
- 3x i63 rare items
- 1x i63 rare or set item.
It'd drop one of the above groups only. And the better end of goods there would be pretty rare drops of cause.

You could also make every purple monster in the game drop loot like this. It's dad that for a monster type so rare they drop worse than common elite type minsters loot.

5. Buff the Barbarian passive "Unforgiving" to 5 fury a second at least (possibly more). So the Barbarian can play with some no generator builds.

6. Buff the Demon Hunter cluster arrow so now it has a 20 hatred cost.

7. Drastically increase the monster density in Wimsyshire (much more than blizzard has currently). To the point people go "woah all I see is a wall on monsters coming to me". Just like there was so many cows in the Diablo 2 secret level. The difficulty of these secret levels should come from so many attacking you at once. Not from a few very tough monsters.

8. Better itemisation. I do believe the gear you wear plays a very big part in how powerful your character is. And now there is no real alternatives to crit/AR and others. We need gear affixes seriously looked into.

9. Randomise every area, even the outdoors areas. Just like in Diablo 2.
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Larger maps required...for both fixed areas and RNG areas

For reference: see D2's Jungle area
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(OP said i can put anything in)

--- Increase run speed. By a lot.
--- Increase attack speed.
--- Make maps actually random. And bigger. A lot bigger.
--- 8 people instead of 4.
--- Copy/paste music from D1 and D2. D3 doesn't have music.
--- Copy/paste Battle.net user interface from D2.
--- Copy/paste item affixes from D2.
--- Cut all spell cooldowns by 50%. Let the fun begin.
--- Increase monster density everywhere. By a lot.
--- Can assign stat points every level up. Our characters are no longer clones.
--- Can travel through all acts.
--- Can use mercenary in public games.

Feel free to comment.
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I think diablo could look beefier - looks great, but kinda scrawny

When you complete a certain build, like 0dogs, or like the ww assassin in d2 - you'd get something done to your appearance - like completely a set in d2 your character would glow. but something better and different for each unique build you complete

Monster shrine!

When you string together a killstreak, you get something like NV - but speed boost
String together breakables - get increased pick-up radius or something
the biggest the combo the bigger the bonus!

In d2 there was a affix on a certain runeword that would turn your character into a fetish - have an affix that turns the appearance of the witch doctor into a necromancer - and dogs into skeletons

A place like the unicorn level, but a map made of the most popular places from d2 - in d3 graphics

legendaries with skills from diablo 2 on them. paladin hammer skill (forget what it's called), would work best with wiz since teleport is what really made it shine. worked great with out, but couldn't compare to having it with teleport, wouldn't be as powerful since there are no synergies, so it couldn't be the base skill dmg of it from d2. pretend it already had just a few synergies with it. balanced of course.
- Summon skeletons. skeletons are just more awesome than dogs.
- bone spear anyone? that was a fun build.
- frozen orb - but good. it wasn't too good in the last days of d2 - unless you had the gg-est of the gg gear. it just didn't stand up to the more powerful builds
- whirlwind - ww assassin was great.. why not a whirlwind... witch doctor? LOL or demon hunter - although they already have the strafe skill which is similar to ww

I know there are other great skills I'm forgetting

And how about brand new skills?
The more the better!

- A great thing about d2, although extremely hard to put together, was making crazy builds
similar to 0dogs here in d3. something that can only be done with certain gear. it was something to strive for, something you didn't see a lot of but very effective and fun. but would've been nice if they were more obtainable. I only got these kind of builds cuz I'd get lucky and friend the right people and get tons of things for free lol. the drops you needed were stupid hard to get. never seen some of the high rune drops in 5+ years of playing.
- make a demon hunter is a twisted combination of wiz and monk - or something completely new! for example

this among much more - my patch would be like a new game lol

I agree with some redesigned skills as some suggest.. some just aren't appealing or fun to use - even if they were/are powerful to use.

Combining weapons or armor to make something new

More random mini-mini-bosses like the keywardens - one that are tough and only certain gear can drop from - a reason to farm certain area's and bosses

More randomness in map designs - I feel like everything is the same - what is currently random is so minor it's just lame.

Aside from a patch - I don't want old characters coming back, I want NEW characters and skills. Plus, a lot of old characters wouldn't work well, seeing as there basically in the game already - monk is like paladin and assassin together, demon hunter is the amazon and part assassin - etc etc
Yes it'd be nice to have 2 characters similar but very different, but skill tree's or something similar could cover that.

an event where you fight waves of elites - start with 1 elite pack, then 2, then 3, and so on
more events - more frequently

SKILL TREE'S - I miss that a lot. able to respec when ever, but have to collect things in order to do so. medium amount of farming needed, something not difficult to obtain - or even easy. whatever

Something so we don't all need crit chance to be effect

A monster like the treasure goblin - but opens a portal when killed to a dark 'n gritty, difficult but rewarding dungeon - maybe this could be the elite waves.

runes - runewords - legendary runes - set runes? can only be used in set items, big and creative results

monsters that could actually be considered demons - unlike 99% of current d3 ($^#&$^ butterfly chick. I was so sad and ashamed of this game when I saw her the first time I played. thought I loaded up a disney game by mistake)

Magdha or whatever (butterfly chick) gets redesigned - I mean seriously. wtf.

I could go on and on!
Cmon blizzard! Get creative!

increase monster density a ton! the hordes of hell are assaulting our planet! there should be hardly any down time to catch your breathe!
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oh, and like 5 new affixes for elites
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gear lock ( the gear you use )
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Revert inferno to before they nerfed it into the ground.

Make inferno for not casual gamers.

Fix itemization to coincide with this. Meaning you can farm hell and actually get gear to use in act 1 inferno. And so on and so on.

Make it so only main stats proc on class specific gear, meaning, no damn int or str on fist weapons. Remove the 15000000 life regen stats on items and stream line it to like 1-2. Right now there are WAY too many ways to increase life regen.
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I would nerf Critical hit damage by 50% (except on gems) and buff affixes that increase skill damage/ reduce resource cost by a lot to compensate. Reason: Diversify gear among classes, promote build diversity, reduce usage of bland "BiS for every character" legendaries.

Also I would remove the auction house and replace with a user-freindly yet robust game creating/finding system similar to D2, separated into Quest, Trade, PvP, and Custom categories.

Edit - Oh and I would add elemental damage effects like chance to stun for lightning and damage over time for poison.
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04/17/2013 06:46 PMPosted by TheForgotten
WillPwr- This skill would determine your heros resistance to physical/magical attacks as well as negative buffs cast on them. This skill also has an offensive side to it which would increase spell casters effects over other targets

actually, it should also reduce duration of CC effects.
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Instead of the treasure goblin having random loot, he'd run up to people, steal some of their stuff, and try to get away. If he makes it to his portal, he joins another game and tries the same thing. Whoever winds up killing him gets all the phat lootz he's stolen.

The purpose of this change is to power a new type of internal combustion engine I'm developing, which runs on smashed keyboards. Gonna need a lot of em.
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Instead of the treasure goblin having random loot, he'd run up to people, steal some of their stuff, and try to get away. If he makes it to his portal, he joins another game and tries the same thing. Whoever winds up killing him gets all the phat lootz he's stolen.

The purpose of this change is to power a new type of internal combustion engine I'm developing, which runs on smashed keyboards. Gonna need a lot of em.

I don't think your the only one, also I would add a feature that refunds all players their repair bills every time they die from lagspike
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