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For the love of Anu!! Fix these in auction house!

1. Show stat change on the tooltips.

2. Search for stats when doing search for similar on legendaries.

3. Show account bound items tooltips (in sell tab), instead of being reded out, so we can check out our stuff and compare and whatever.

4. Allow search for similar on account bound items.

5. Add simple DPS as a searchable stat. (searching average damage gives too wide a variance in dps, depending on speed of weapon. Sometimes we just want a minimum dps without having to scroll through 20 pages of results to get to that minimum, and at the right price range, and what have you.)

6. Add weapon speed as searchable stat. (Not increase to weapon speed, or increase to attack speed, but the actual attacks per second on the weapon.)

7. Allow searching for all stats on all armor types, or at least add attack speed, for mempo helms and witching belts and such, and the particular class skills that can roll on Stones of Jordan. (I'm sure there are others I can't think of at the moment)

There may be other things that can be improved, but the stuff I have listed is stuff that should already freakin be there. Please people, back me up here. This stuff should be implimented NOW, in this new patch. Please respond, and bump this, and +1 it, and/or whatever we need to do to get them to see this and do these things now.

PS I'm sure some of these things have been mentioned before, but I don't know about all 7 of them, and I really feel that the auction house is just not complete untill all these 7 things are fixed. If you agree, please say so.
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My mind is blown. Can't believe nobody cares about this glaring hole in the auction house functionality. These clearly need to be fixed, but blizz won't fix it if people don't make it clear that we want it. It is just tuesday afternoon I guess. Was naive of me to think that hundreds of people would be like "yeah, fix this", and then blizz would be like "fine, fine, we hear you, shut up already", and then they would fix it all 2 tuesdays from now.
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One last time.... Anyone care about this at all? Am I really the only one who sees this as a major issue that should be fixed asap?
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Check the patch notes.
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I think 7 is the one that gives the most trouble to people so I'd rather they focus on that one. The other ones would be nice to have
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04/17/2013 06:16 PMPosted by Taganov
Check the patch notes.

I did, and played on ptr. None of this is in there. There is one thing worded like it is fixing number 1 on my list, but it seems to actually be doing something else (don't recall what the thing it is actually doing was, but there is talk of it in the ptr feedback and bug report forums).

edit: I think maybe what they fixed had something to do with which character you had selected, as opposed to improving the tooltip itself to show stat changes.

Also, to add to 7, increased xp% for leorics rings.
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04/17/2013 06:20 PMPosted by Martimus
I think 7 is the one that gives the most trouble to people so I'd rather they focus on that one. The other ones would be nice to have

I would argue that 1 has been complained about almost as much, if not as much, as 7. With 2 just a step behind. Also, 4 is being complained about more each day, as people are crafting more account bound items.

5 and 6 just seem so obvious to me... why are they not already there?

Anyway, thank you for responding. I feel less ignored and lonely now.
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