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I'd say the larger issue with the Q&A's is that the only questions that are picked are ones where the answer can be canned, flowery, and ambiguous. I've never seen the team try to explain any of their failures. When asked why it has taken a year to hunker down and get to work on itemization, well, we're just not going to answer that one.

And in general, there's a bit too much philosophy involved with these answers. We all speak quite often regarding what's fun and what isn't after having thought a great deal about what needs to be changed, so to answer every question with a "here's our philosophy on how Diablo should be and we're still thinking about it" feels (and perhaps is) vapid and dismissive.
I'm curious as to why the thread featuring the barb being played with someone's face was deleted.

04/08/2013 08:12 PMPosted by Sethik
The point is to distract you from the fact that the Dev team is totally gridlocked with indecision and their paralysis in enforced with the authority of Activision freezing the D3 project resources, until investors are assured Blizzard can continue to remain on top (investors think long term) with TITAN beta (the rumored mmorpg to replace wow, beta in late 2013/early2014).

wow. you're really onto something here.
omg. i reckon you should post this exact same thing in every thread you can find!

as to the dev Q&A, while they're welcome (hell any information that suggests a dev is actually working on D3 is welcome) they really are just too few and too far between. development seems to have completely stagnated. admittedly the one patch i'm looking forward to is 1.0.9 but at this rate that isn't going to see the light of day until 2014.
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04/08/2013 08:11 PMPosted by Espionage724
This thread on the other hand, I was expecting to be ignored by Blizzard, and meanwhile, it's probably the most blue-active thread I've seen... ever. Can't say I disagree with it, but I'd love for it to continue in the future, possibly with threads that have more relevance to D3 itself.

So, more like this maybe: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8156835610#3

(Even if we're not in a position to comment on how the post might affect design?)

04/08/2013 08:08 PMPosted by DoomBringer
I think a lot of the unhappiness is due to the "lack of response" on these forums. I use Diablo Fan for my information (they are nice enough to take every blue posts and update them more frequently than this web site).

Hm. Our Blue Tracker updates immediately: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/blizztracker/

Is it just easier to navigate the blue tracker on Diablo Fans? Or do you like that they call out some posts on the front page? (Serious question. Knowing this would be great feedback for our web team.)
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Lol, it's like there's more blue text in this thread than in the actual Dev Q&A's. :p Having said that, I liked the 1.07 Q&A much better than the itemization one.
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I would love it if in part 3, they pick a question, and they answer it like this:

"Here is exactly what we are going to do to address this concern:

First, we are going to .....

Then, we will .....

Finally, we'll ....."

And I go back to what I posted initially in this thread:

How much information we're able to share about a particular change or feature ultimately depends on where that change or feature is in its development. If it's reached the point where it's been implemented into our test builds, we can probably talk a lot more freely about it and discuss the ins-and-outs of how everything works. A good example of this is the mulitplayer improvements coming in 1.0.8. While these improvements aren't 100% final and may undergo some tweaking during the PTR, their design is far enough along that we can talk about them pretty extensively.

On the flip side, if a change/feature is still in its conceptual stage, where the actual design and implementation haven't been completely defined, then we won't be able to share as much. We can go over what we're planning, give you some of the reasons behind those ideas, maybe even bounce a few concepts off the community, but we probably won't be in a position to commit to the change/feature, tell you when it's going to release, or describe for you its functionality in great detail. This isn't because we're being "cagey." This is because the change/feature is still in early development and that information just doesn't exist yet. A good example of this is indeed the upcoming itemization improvements that were discussed in Travis' blog as well as the itemization Q&A. We don't have a timeline yet for when these improvements will be implemented, and many of the changes are still undergoing constant iteration. Sure, we may not have a lot of hard data to provide at the moment, but we can at least include you in the conversation and let you know what we're working on.

We did exactly what you described with our blog on multiplayer improvements. We did the same for crowd control changes and even defensive bonuses. Those are just a few, very specific examples.

There are going to be situations where players ask us for details that aren't available yet, though. We can do one of two things in that situation: a) ignore the question or b) provide as much information as we have, even if it's not much more beyond "this is what we're thinking" or "here's what we recognize as the problem." Right now, we're still discussing different options for what we can do to improve MF/GF. We don't have any perfect solutions just yet, but that's doesn't mean we don't recognize the concern. Like Travis said, we're going to keep you updated, and once we have that "here's what we're doing, this is exactly how it's going to work," we're going to share it with you.
I feel the animosity many players feel right now comes from the lack of actual accomplishments. We keep being told that there are major game changes and content additions coming, but there are very rarely any major changes or content additions. It was a month ago that the itemization came out and hinted at what 1.08 would have, but it is not up on PTR (to my knowledge) yet even. There hasn't been a major patch since January. We're getting restless to see and play what is being suggested. We like the idea, but we want to see progress. We keep hearing we're talking about it, or it is being passed around so we don't know what is coming. We just need something to see the changes are coming. I feel the game is getting better and better, I'm just dying to play these new patches!
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04/08/2013 08:32 PMPosted by Greenhell
I'm sure she knew based on that timing that my post was'nt directed at hers.

(Totally knew.)
Which ones weren't answered directly?(Also, many of our ideas come from player suggestions, discussion, and feedback. This is something we're always quick to point out because we really do value your interaction and input.)

NBrad said it well in his following post.

Maybe it's not that you didn't answer all the questions (especially the MF one.) It's that every 'answer' felt like it ended in "we are still looking into it and havent finalized how we would like to approach the issue."

I mean c'mon! Are we still deciding? pick a direction! ****, ANY direction and go forward. I think a huge frustration for the community is that is seems like the dev team is moving sideways. Where is the inovation? where is the excitement?

It's the same.

I'd go through the Ask the Devs post but I am currectenly looking into the best way to approach the issue. There are many things that I would say, or will say, but at this time I need to focus on reading other community suggestions and sitting down to discuss the efforts of the dev team, as a whole, in so far as the currect direction of diablo 3. There are ideas that I would like to get to eventually but right now we have a more specific course of action that we would like to see the game take, which may or may not be able to happen.

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