Tarnhelm Fragment Wizard Helm - Each enemy killed adds 3% magic find up to a total of 100% extra magic find for 30 seconds. If you have max magic find this bonus is added as damage to your signature spell instead.

The Infinite Shard 1H Wand - 100% chance to spawn a 3 new arcane orbs in random directions when target is hit with arcane orb. These orbs can spawn more orbs losing 25% with each spawn.

The Reflective Mirror Off-hand - Mirror images become permanent and do 10% more damage.

Enigma's Remnant Armor - Teleport no longer has a cooldown but costs 500% more mana


Eternal Gore 2h Axe - Rend lasts twice as long, stacks up to 3 times, and spreads to other enemies touched.

The Edge of the Abyss 1H Mace - Your Groundstomp ability no longer has cooldown but instead of generating rage it uses 20 rage

Worldslayer 2H Sword - Earthshake has no cooldown but uses all rage

Charsi Shield Shield - Your Bash ability does 200% more damage


Belt of the Blood Master Belt - Your Seven-Sided-Strike does area of effect damage and no longer has cooldown but costs 77% of your total life

The Dishonored Disciple 1h Claw - Your Deadly Reach and Way of the Hundred Fists now apply Exploding Palm on the first hit

The Beyond Sight Monk Helm - Your Mystic Ally now can cast all your spells and has your weapon and item procs and abilities.

No idea for Witch Docs, I don't play one.