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Un-Nerfing The Nerfed Demon Hunter Skills

Not really a skill buff or change, but it would be nice to get up to 6% lifesteal rolls on 2h bow/xbow, similar to every other classes 2h weapon.

This would really open up some build options by allowing us to drop shadow power and allow us to have some real fun in build diversity.
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And increase the limited crit damage % of grenades cluster grenade rune
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The main issue with dh is not really with those skills, but we dont get buffs the other 4 classes have, we dont have many skills which can stack damage, and anything with good damage requires lots of hatred to be used repeatedly which we dont have the hatred regen for.
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05/10/2013 10:17 AMPosted by VocaloidNyan
The main issue with dh is not really with those skills, but we dont get buffs the other 4 classes have, we dont have many skills which can stack damage, and anything with good damage requires lots of hatred to be used repeatedly which we dont have the hatred regen for.

I said it wasnt the main issues but like i said it would at least make these skills an OPTION to use again on your bar. They overnerfed them and deserve to return to being useful to the class. This is just a step in the right direction while other skills need to be reworked also. Like i said they know how these skills will work as they did before. Adding new changes and synergy changes are a lot harder to implement and can have catastrophic changes if done wrong which will take blizz forever to implement.
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Bump for hope lol
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I love playing Developer Hindered (DH). It really brings together the class community.
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Not an expert or anything, so this is just personal preferences or things I think would be cool to see un-nerfed or just flat out buffed.

Acid Strike - Needs to either lose the 1 second delay, or allow the multiple bolas to wrap around the same target.

Impale>Awareness - Would love to see this become a proper melee skill with very little or no hatred cost (be nice to have one non-grenade melee skill), right now it's just a weird hybrid that costs too much to spam and doesn't really compare to the other runes.

Nether Tentacles - Be great to have the multi hit return, to balance it perhaps drop base damage 100% instead of 155 to add some complexity to it. Good against big or slow target but less effective against small or fast ones.

Jagged Spikes - Should get some proc rate back 10-20% to account for the fact you can drop five.

Smoke Screen - In it's current state the cost needs to be dropped quite a bit and collision removed, would say 9 Base, 7 with Special Recipe.
>Breath Deep should just refill 25% of your hatred pool.
>>Chocking Gas needs a larger AoE.

Trail of Cinders - Boost damage 500%, 700% tops.

Fan of Knives - Remove the cooldown.

Strafe - Cost needs to scale with attack speed like Barb's WW.

Multishot - Increase Base Damage to 215% drop hatred to 20.
> Fire at Will, Drop to 10 hatred.
>>Burst Fire, the pulse should stun or knock back enemies.
>>>Full Broadside, damage up to 275%.
>>>>Arsenal, should fire a hail of rockets instead of arrows so it can work with Balistics better.

Cluster Arrow - Just double the damage across the board.

Thrill of the Hunt - Replace it with 5 Hatred on Crit.

Nightstalker - Keep as is and add +1 second to Smoke Screen duration and cooldown.

Brooding - Keep as is and add +1 Disc regen.

Hot Pursuit - +10% movement over the speed cap and 25% reduction cost (and cooldown for acrobatics) for vault when at full hatred.

Sharpshooter - +10CC and +100CD against enemies who have not detected you yet, as well as frozen and stunned ones.
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05/14/2013 07:59 AMPosted by bladezero25
I love playing Developer Hindered (DH). It really brings together the class community.

LOL! DH.... Developer Hindered! Thats awesome and sad cuz its true :[
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Honestly, I think they need to change Nightstalker passive. A chance to give discipline is great, but I like to also add something like this...

Night Stalker Passive - Every Critical Hit has chance to grant 1 discipline and also reduce cool downs.

Something like this would be awesome. It would compete with Critical Mass passive on Wizards. Hardly anyone uses Rain of Vengeance because of the 30 second cooldown and to keep spamming RoV would be so cool :)

Anyway thats my two cents :D
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I agree with your options OP maybe about a 800-1000% on ToC would be good enough to not make other classes moan about it.

Agree with the Smokescreen.

Passives need major rework, but thats the future (lol)

There was a streamer named Athene who played a huge part in nerfing Demon Hunters back in the day getting thousands of views, made multiple videos and I believe this played a MAJOR part in all those nerfs.

My major problem is that Blizzard almost never admits that they are wrong. I don't see a chance in hell of them "un-nerfing" those skills. They might buff them, but that might takes months and months, and just throw some minor buffs to other skills that they recently did with Rapid Fire.

I do agree DH is the worst class currently, but givin this company's track record so far, they move slower than a snail and I don't see that changing anytime soon, but i'll preach with you, for whatever its worth. +10
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With every Patch there seems to be an underlining THEME - as to why BLIZZARD does things. In 1.07 they MAGICALLY realized MONKs are not being played as intended because too much SPIRIT is being diverted LIFE regen. So they Buff the HECK out of high SPIRIT spenders to make it more attractive to use.

On the DH side they have constantly NERF it and buff skills NO-ONE uses.

When the JACK-!@# DEV in charge DH comes back from LA-LA land - and realizes that Demon Hunters are SLOW / LOW damage TANKs. We might get some attention.. UNLESS he believes that's how a DH should be ( A COMIC RELIEF CLASS or CLOWN CLASS or JOKE of D3 Class ) ...
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Bump, I still have hope we will one day get a weaker unerfed version of some of these amazing skills and would like others to see my thread and chime in.
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All the nerfed skills getting buffed back would be really awesome.
I don't mind if the devs decided to up the cost of hatred/disc on some of them... like jagged spikes, give the procs back by increasing the discipline cost a bit, or allow NT to hit multiple times but reduce the damage.

I dont really know why I'm still playing my DH after being reminded about all these major nerfs in the past T_T
This RF thing is probably my last straw... carpal tunnel syndrome here I come!
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i agree with u on Nether Tentacles. i almost quit d3 because of the nerfing
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reverting the change Nether Tentacles is simply a must. They just nerfed the ability, they did not compensate the nerf with maybe increasing the damage on it. it was straight nerf to the point it isn't useful at all anymore. And aside from lightning ball, elemental arrow is basically useless.

the nerf made sense before mp levels and paragon levels since then the game has evolved to much different level. We need to revert change like that to compensate.

elemental arrow runes must be re-designed, buffed and maybe even adding new runes would be great since having more options might be better.
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