Diablo® III

Latency Issue

Does anyone have a fix about the latency issue?

I'm from Asia playing Americas server

latency ranges from 300-500.

thoughts anyone?


after hours of trying anything everything. still no changes :(


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Get the highest speed internet your ISP provides, or at least 25mbps.
Set your PC's IP information static as well as the DNS of your ISP.
Set the Diablo 3's Client port to the highest priority within your router's QoS, provided it has the feature.
Run nothing else network intensive while playing D3.
You can try the Leatrix Latency Fix for Blizzard games. Google it.
Other than that, nothing much else you can do since you're so far away from Blizz HQ.
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ok i will try that later, thank you :)

I'm not sure how to set d3 client port to the hightest priority XD hmmm i'll just check it later

thanks again.

have you tried this? did it had significant changes?
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04/18/2013 12:36 AMPosted by Raziel
I'm not sure how to set d3 client port to the hightest priority XD hmmm i'll just check it later

Log into your router's setup page, open an internet explorer like IE10 or Firefox, Chrome whatever you use. In the address bar, type your routers IP address, if you are not sure what it is, open the command prompt within windows (CMD) and type ipconfig (hit enter)
Look at the gateway IP, this will be your router's IP address.
The QoS (Quality of Service) if you have the option, will be under some setting, I use a Netgear R6200 and it is located under Advanced -> QoS Setup.
When you find it, click the 'Set QoS Rule' button and then 'Add Priority Rule'
Diablo 3's Client port is 1119, set this for both the starting port and ending port on the highest priority for TCP/UDP connection type and save.

You can also go a step further and go into your computers device manager, under the network adapters drop down menu, right click your network adapter and go to properties -> Link Speed -> then set Speed and Duplex to 100mbps full duplex, make sure it's not set to auto-negotiate.

04/18/2013 12:36 AMPosted by Raziel
have you tried this? did it had significant changes?

I have tested all variable on my own system and aside from the random lag spikes I get from having to be wireless at the moment, I stay at a fairly low latency at all times.

Good luck!
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oh yeah! thank you so much for your time.

i'll try this later :)

no wonder all your chars are hardcore. you have less latency issues XD
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This game has higher latency than most for some reason.

On WoW I had anywhere from 15-30 latency. On this game I never go below 100.

Both servers are on the west coast too.
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can you help me with this?

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Nix that, and follow this instead.


-in short-

TCP Optimzer has resolved my incredibly ridiculous network buffer latency from 5900ms to under 250ms-

Settings for optimized gaming- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-3qgsVi5J4

Download TCP Optimizer, then visit that youtube link and copy the guys settings, just do what he says in the video.

Let me know if it works for you, as I'm still testing it for myself and so far so great! My lag spikes have stopped thus far
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same, no changes :( Huhu
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Sounds like you're just too far from Blizzard and will always have a fairly high latency, have you tried playing on the Asian server? If so, is the latency high for you there as well?
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nope have not tried, but i don't want to transfer :(
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OMG 1.7k latency
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I'm looking over that screen shot you put up, which router do you use, as I am not familiar with that setup interface.

But from what I can see, it looks as if you need to check the QoS box on the upper left, Discipline seems to be the priority which should be set to highest.
The Diablo Client port is 1119 also, not 6112
The local IP address field will be the IP address assigned to your PC
Protocol I'm guessing will be TCP/UDP
Tho that's just a guess, as I said, I'm not familiar with that interface, never seen it before
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still the same,

when i'm alone ig get 203 latency

but when with elites it reaches to 500 - 1k
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download that, and put this IP in the trace field.

do the trace and look at the hops and check the ms on them.

If any are very high, contact your ISP and see if you can get them to help smooth it out.

If all hops return normal ms, run this http://netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/
no need to fill in any of the fields, just run the analyzation and check the results
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