Are any of the following additions going to be considered?

I think a majority of the player base would appreciate additions that came almost directly from the successful components of D2, specifically, quest rewards.

Quest Rewards were important parts of building characters in the previous Diablo. Currently, the majority of quest rewards are pretty terrible; most of them only give a few hundred gold and a small amount of experience. Why is this? This is hardly a reward at all. Right now, the only rewards in the game are the loot. Granted, this is supposed to be rewarding, but it should not be the only reward. Besides differences in Paragon level, every character type has the exact same stats without any gear on. This could, and should, be changed.

Simple examples from the previous installments: Quest Rewards that gave permanent increases to other important stats that only gear can provide at the moment, such as Resistance, skill damage, increased critical chance, and reduced resource cost points, Strength, Intelligence, Vitality & Dexterity points, and armor. These were quests rewards that could only be completed once per character per difficulty. Diablo 3 has none of these. Why? Are these at least being discussed as future additions to make the game a bit more dynamic? Minus the skill point reward, I think the vast majority of the player base would love to go back and play earlier Acts if some of the quests involved rewards like a permanent increase in All Resistance by 25, permanent increase in armor by 100, permanent increase in hit points by 500 or 1,000, and especially a quest reward that gave permanent increase in resources, like Arcane Power, etc. This would at least provide additions to your character that didn’t cost tons of gold or farming time.

I would be interested to see if anyone who is still playing this game would disagree? I remember how specific requirements were once you had all of your gear, and you were ready to make it on D2. You always made sure to do the skill point quest, stat boost quest, etc, from all Acts in all difficulties. This game desperately needs additions like these, and I’m very surprised it wasn’t already in the game.