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Starting from scratch: What class?

Hello all. Just thought i'd run this past general and see what comes out.

But if i wanted to start a fresh character with zero AH involvement, what class would you guys choose?

Some background: I've been playing d3 since release off and on. Yes, i know all the problems the game has had over time, but i also have been here for all the improvements.

My barbarian was my first character and first 60, but i haven't played him much since before the paragon patch (when he was still roadblocked in act 2 inferno).

My demon hunter and witch doctor came somewhat later. And while i haven't gotten them to extremely high paragon levels, i still have them to the point where they comfortably farm MP2-3 wherever i want. Not a big deal, i know, but it at least lets me say i've seen the areas, drops, farming routes, etc.

So now i'm coming back in for another swing (i enjoy the combat in this game and want to kill some demons :P) and was thinking of a way to make the game fresh for me. I've yet to level a monk or wizard so that was an option... but another hit me as i sat thinking about it... something i did to great enjoyment even in D2.

A zero-trade character.

Basically its a simple concept (that i'm sure has been thrown around on the forums here many times). But i want to make an alt with no gear from other characters. No auction house usage (except for selling, i'll go that far). No trading of any kind. Only using what that character finds, and what that character crafts.

This idea intrigues me but now the question comes: What class? Monk or wizard since i've never done them before? Barbarian because it has been a very long time since i played one? DH or WD because i know them best?

Just looking for some input and advice from the forums to help me narrow it down :)

TL;DR: Starting a character from scratch with zero trading and zero AH involvement. What class would be a good pick to go with for the giggles?

ty all :)

update: update post on the second page with details but i've narrowed it to barb or wizard at this point. ty all :)
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I would go with WD. Pets allow you to do better if your gear aren't amazing. They have a lot of viable build so you can go around and experiment, chances are, it will be viable for lower MPs.

Otherwise, I would go for Wizard.
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so one vote for WD and/or Wizard :)

ty :)

last post for a bit as i'm heading out the door to work, but any and all discussion is welcome.

I'm sorta kinda maybe (heh) leaning toward Wizard right now, as my witch doctor was the last alt i leveled and geared up (so its still fairly fresh and done in my head) but i am more than happy to listen to any other discussion on other classes (or others with WD suggestions if they really are the way to go :P).

cheers guys, i'll check this tonight :)
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I've played all5, monk is my fav. If you like attacking from a distance and cool graphics, WD/Wiz are both cool. DH was my first but I just think the other 2 have better spells/options to play around with...

If you like to run up to stuff and punch it, Monks are great. No knock on Barbs, monks feel more streamlined

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Playing with only self-found gear can be pretty fun, and I personally found the sense of progression was heightened as a result. I don’t know where your goals lie with your new character, but maybe completing Inferno with a second Barbarian could be a fun experience. You’d have something to compare and contrast the game experience to, and also benefit from returning to the class that originally caught your eye.

There is a self-found Barbarians over on Diablo.Incgamers.com that could be helpful despite being a little dated:

You might also want to check out the winners of Diablo Fan’s “Helpful Hints” contest, which goes over tips for each class: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/8649258

If you’re still not sure of what class to play the “Choosing Your Class” section of our game guide might provide some inspiration.
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I'm about to try the same thing with a wiz on hc.
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My advice.. anything that is a ranged class and has some sort of CC..
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hi OP

do you have any pets? perhaps with an interesting name/story behind it

please let us know
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I vote for WD too. Very versatile class based on having crap gear. Also a wizard with archon gets pretty rediculous fun.
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I'm a self-found player. I only sell on the AH and all my equipment was found by me or given (not traded) to me by my wife or friends. (The one exception is the Arcane Resistance Tasker and Theo gloves on my monk because he's an arcane resist OWE monk and they were 20k on the AH so I couldn't resist.)

Anyway, I've found that my primary monk is the only character I have that can farm MP5 without dying. It probably has a lot to do with the items I've found for him. Seems like monk items always drop for me.

So, I vote: Monk


EDIT: Specified "primary" monk (male) as opposed to my legendary item mule monk.
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04/08/2013 05:18 PMPosted by Çarltonbanks
Playing with only self-found gear can be pretty fun, and I personally found the sense of progression was heightened as a result.

There you have it. Admission of AH sucking the fun out of the game.

Please read again. "can be".

Enough said. Go farm AH until the itemization is fixed.

The reason is very simple. The co-op will give you exp bonus, etc. If you use only self found gear and join the public game, likely other players may not be so understandable and Vote Kick you out as noob.

Well, if you choose to play alone, then you can have all the fun and frustration at the same time.
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play your favourite character

but play hardcore so you're not tempted to try and use items from your stash :P

(i'm seriously considering doing this too)

but probably not for a while ahha
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If you are planning to play the new class in the expansion, THE class to play is barbarian. It is very likely that the new class will have STR as the primary stat. This way, you can just switch gear between your barb. and the new class with minimal cost and farming time.
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I've been playing entirely self found since launch, my WD (EU) is my main and I currently run around MP4 on Inferno and still finding regular upgrades.
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Barb, because they are pretty much OP no matter what kind of gear you have...
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Barb, because as a self found player, i was struggleling with my wiz, until I try the barbarian. With his crazy passive, crazy skills, he can exploit mid-gear better than any other character.
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It is very likely that the new class will have STR as the primary stat.


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