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Name the number 1 reason you bought Diablo 3

Since so many people believe that its not because of the diablo name, im here to re-open everyones eyes that people are mad about Diablo 3 and will continue to express there anger every day till this game gets fixed or blizzard openly refunds money to the people what want it. This game is supposed to be a sequel and not started from scratch. This isnt Final Fantasy, and unlike blizzard square told there users what they were buying thus there huge continued success unlike d3. It's extremely unlikely a D4 will ever make it to market.

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I bought it based on Diablo and Diablo 2. I expected a sequel. Not a trip back in time to when online social games were not existent. This game lost so much social aspect its no wonder its bad. Chat Rooms gone, custom games gone, ingame trading gone (non fixed trade window), 4 user max per game. The only social aspect to this game is the Forums.

2008 Footage (no cooldowns)

2010 Footage with Add a Socket that got removed

How does Diablo 3 go from that, to what we have now? That looks more like a sequel than the start from scratch game we got missing everything from the previous games.
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Diablo 2
#1 reason is that I loved D2...basically the name Diablo. I did Mephisto runs for hours and strangely never got bored by it. It's hard for me to even put 1 hour into D3 sometimes.
* Diablo 1
* Diablo 2
* Diablo 2 LOD

I played the beta thinking "Ok, well it is just the BETA. There has to be more to it right?". Little did I know the BETA pretty much showed off everything the game had to offer.
diablo 1 and 2 were great
Diablo 1 & 2.
I bought it to get laid more often.
I never played D1 or D2, I bought D3 because they kept hyping that it'd be super challenging :(
diablo 2.
I bought it because i have been playing blizzard games since warcraft, diablo, and rock n roll racing.

I bought D3 because i trust in the blizzard name and what do i get in return?? a wasted 60$

PS I would gladly take the 60$ i game blizzard for D3 and give it to the creators or PoE who dont charge a thing.
Diablo series sequel
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Name the number 1 reason you bought Diablo 3

What's funny is that I probably would give Diablo 3 a very good grade if it was released by another company under a different name. I've played lots of ARPGs, most being pretty mediocre; But being a Blizzard title and not only that but a follow up to one of the biggest APRGs of all time, it falls way short.
Spent many hours playing Diablo I and just a ridiculous amount of time on Diablo II. Loved them both.
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