Diablo® III

Name the number 1 reason you bought Diablo 3

D2. Just like most people.
A friend, an old D fan, couldn't stop playing it and couldn't stop raving about it.

I've enjoyed the game tremendously, but I've shelved my Barb at P40 since the game doesn't seem to be offering anything new.
I loved Diablo 1 and 2, and I participated for 3 weeks in the D3 Beta. I was pretty pleased with the Beta, though I didn't realize how little end-game there would be at launch since you could only go to SK / lvl 13. But things were pretty well polished, and combat felt fluid and fun.

It's far from perfect (even now, though much improved), but I figure I've gotten enough hours of fun out of it that I'm not too upset. It's not exactly what I was expecting, but taken apart from its name it's really not a bad hack'n'slash arpg.

I wouldn't have put as many hours in as I have (900 on DH, 300 among all other classes) if I hated it or were too tremendously disappointed in it.

I haven't touched SimCity in weeks, and I loved older SimCity games.
Because I wanted to know what happened when Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone.
i wanted to to sleep with my girlfriend, but needed a way out of my house for the night

so i told my dad i was going to sleep over at this guy kyles house. and as always my dad needed to talk to his parents to make sure its not some wild crazy party. so i go to kyle and i say "hey im going to buy diablo 3, lemme sleep over and we'll have a jolly good time playing d3 all night" so i get to his house, have his parents talk to my parents. then 2 hours i told kyle that my dad just texted me to come home immediately. i then proceed to go over to my girlfriends house who's parents were not going to be home for the weekend. and then i lost my virginity.

this is 100% a true story.
wow annual pass. thought tyreals mount looked awesome, until i was mid air and realized just how disappointing it was. worse part is that whole year i only played wow for like 3 months -_-
Diablo 2 too...
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I bought it to get laid more often.

Enlighten me plz
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I almost don't want to contribute to this thread because it doesn't provide anything productive but is rather quite deconstructive. What I will say though is that I bought this game not due to memories of D2 (which was very good), but rather because of D1. That's the game that got me hooked and it will always be the most important to me personally. Beyond that though, I got D3 because I buy a lot of videogames and I like ARPG's. This game still needs a lot of work to measure up to the bar that has been set for it, but I will say it's coming along ever so slowly. I just hope it's a continuing trend. =)
Because it will be the latest entry in my favorite franchise and would be the best game I would play for a long time...

I never have guessed that I would be so wrong.
Because of its hype.
* Diablo 1
* Diablo 2
* Diablo 2 LOD

Hit the nail right on the head.
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