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Best Way To Make Gold these days?

I see people with up in the billions, and I STILL struggle to make 1 mill in a day. I've read different ways to get gold, either farming AH, or using a gold suit (which face it.. sucks).

What methods do you use to get gold, even in the 100's of millions?

FYI I have been gone from game Since August of 2012..
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You can't make that kind of gold in-game. You want to try one of:

RMAH: you can buy gold.
Chinese bot sites: Terms of Service say you could get banned, but so far as I know no one has ever actually been banned on the buying side.
Flip items (essentially, leverage people with less time/knowledge to make them pay you through the AH)
Get really lucky and find a 100 million gold item (but your odds of winning cash in the lottery are better).
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2 drops over 100m since launch, the rest small sales ~20m, flip on the side when bored, sell on RMAH.

Haven't really been keeping track but probably have 5-700M in the barb, sub 500M for the rest of the chars on this acc.

Sadly the quickest way to gold ATM besides 3rd party is buying Rad em's off RMAH and selling on GAH, last time I checked it was ~.07c/M, pretty much mirrors 3rd party +.02-.05c/M due to 15% end tax.

Hopefully 1.09 will introduce some new blood to the AH, although 1.08 is shaping up to indirectly boost drops/AH action from the increase in mob density, found some pretty nice areas on PTR so far.

good luck
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