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"What did you do to your monk today?" part 2

Creating this thread for random monk chatter, e-peen flexing, monk thoughts etc etc...
So what did you do monk today?

This was a good thread idea, Weegee. I wanted to brag, but the thread was full. So I'm creating it again.

Anyway here's my deal... I just hit paragon 40 in HC with my Monk. Public games can be amazing for leveling, apparently. I'm kinda amazed Blizzard is adding additional bonuses for playing in a group.
Thanks Demi! :) Appreciate it ^_^

My monk is stagnant.. in fact, most of my D3 play is stagnant :(
Been busy with work and hanging with friends and sorting out my own wedding.

hmm.. what do to...
Got to paragon 26. Group cota runs are pretty fun :)
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I got almost all of 59 to 60 doing vault runs with nameless, but then I got distracted by raahl's crazy conspiracy theories right after nameless went to bed, and then a wild SF2 appeared...

so still 59...

I swapped out some gems so I can work on getting rid of the ammy that was hamstringing me in regards to upgrades. It just had way too much EHP, and even crap crafts were upping my dps almost 10k o_o Sporting my new pretty and am rather happy with it. Was one of the first amulets I crafted and I couldn't figure out how to work it in until now. Running MP10 pretty well, even with a ruby in my helm (I have a radiant star amethyst in the box for uber runs and serious stuff).
Just hit paragon level 41. Got a WKL drop that was total garbage! Back to TRing around!
Bought an inna's helm with 2 spirit regen. Now just to save up for one along with all res.
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Did couple of quick runs. First one yielded a Dark Mage's Shade and Death Watch Mantle. Don't even have the Brimstones to show for those two. On the second run I got 3 Ivory Towers, first 2 of them nearly back to back. The 3rd time that pillar of light popped over yet another IT, I decided I'm done for the day.

Also, leveled to PL 94.
Hit 97!
Hit paragon 45 and did a bit of gear juggling to hit just over 150k dps

Small bracer crafting upgrade and juggled between nats set / ice climber and a rare.

Still undecided on which way I wanna go
Just survived a 2-Serenity double pack (Succubi and Phase Beasts) in the Arreat Crater. Arcane, poison, descration everywhere and being Vortexed in. Do you know what helped me? My Templar's puzzle ring. That plus Dashing Strike. Oh yeah... another obscure use for DS!
Did some crafting on the DH, got a few lucky rolls and so handed off the older pieces to the Monk.

Decided then I might as well fill her out with a set of her own, so bought a few cheap pieces to finish her out. So she's a bit weaker than when she was borrowing half the DH's gear, but she still Tempest Rushes MP0 just fine so I'm happy enough for now. Her gems are a little sad, but that's okay.
crafted 300 gloves :(
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I upgraded to a new shinier gem in my axe! It looks so sexayy! And crafted 30 bracers with no luck =(
I crafted a new chest armor! I crafted 7 chests today (i've crafted about 15 total so far) and this is the best that i've got. I'm pretty stoked!
Not today: I picked up a Butcher's Sickle for 36 mil. It gave me a boost of just under 6k DPS. That was a couple of days ago. I'm thoroughly enjoying its bonus of neutralizing the EF fear proc. It isn't BiS by any means, but the novelty is a nice distraction from the constant grind for better gear. I have to be a bit more careful around Siegebreaker now, so I have a socketless EF with vit & LS for such encounters. If only I could put a socket in that EF...Blizz, are you listening!? :P

Yesterday because I'm still at work: I picked up a slew of tomes and amethysts to craft a marquis amethyst for my Inna's Radiance. I left myself around 100 more gems to pick up since I won't bother crafting them until after the patch goes live. The tomes and gems cost me almost exactly 2mil, but I already had 520 self-found amethysts in my stash.
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Had only 1 Legendary drop all day, but oh my - what a Legendary! Inna's pants, double Dex roll with Vit (193/57) and 9% AS. Easily a bil, if I could bring myself to sell it. I guess I'll have to find a way to wear it, it will be a mortal sin to keep this beauty stashed up.
Congrats on the awesome self-finds Treleth and Laurelynd!
ditch my EF for my new found MH, lost 13k dps but gain 100k+ EHP. Now i dont die much in Cota :)
04/16/2013 02:40 PMPosted by Laurelynd
Had only 1 Legendary drop all day, but oh my - what a Legendary! Inna's pants, double Dex roll with Vit (193/57) and 9% AS. Easily a bil, if I could bring myself to sell it. I guess I'll have to find a way to wear it, it will be a mortal sin to keep this beauty stashed up.

wow congrats!! that's all the drop that you need .. I'll trade like 100 drop for that = )

can't wait to get home to see if I won the EF bid .... and if I did win if it'll be okay with my gameplay
crossing fingers =)
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