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"What did you do to your monk today?" part 2

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05/13/2013 09:27 AMPosted by doughb1zzle
I hope you bought mine!

its a trifecta ammy that has like a little average damage, str, dex, 9 ias, 44 chd, 9.5 cc or something like that lol.

on lunch, it wasn't mine, sorry, i would have traded you the gold back

mine was a quadfecta with blind

hurray blind! :D
I got a paragon level. That is all.
I made it from Paragon level 71 to Paragon level 82 over the weekend, playing no more then I usually do (a few hours Friday afternoon, a few hours on Saturday and on Sunday). I discovered a "new, favorite" skill, cyclone strike vs. wave of light...it just seems that with the new density, pulling the mobs in and hitting them with weapon damage works better and faster than knocking them back with WoL, upgraded my EH and gloves...hoping to craft upgraded shoulders and getting closer to 300 dps.
hit paragon 93. rolled some crafts. most importantly i beat some ace.
Spoiled my wife rotten and had a great mothers day with our kids!

On topic; made the switch to a Tal Rasha body and will probably keep it for a while (to bad it looks funny with Inna's pants) I need better bracers with some Vit!
I picked up a new Inna's Radiance from the GAH and with it 26k EHP. I lost a whopping 77 DPS in the upgrade. : )
Downed NM Ghom on my self-geared Monk. I think I'm going to stick around and farm the Keep Depths for a while, I badly need some weapon upgrades. Not much luck in crafting boots, either.

On the other hand, I found a very useful Legendary, The Mind's Eye. The funny thing is, that was my main Monk's first Legendary as well, back in the days when she was just starting her career. And with the upcoming changes to the itemization - here's to hoping that I'm going to keep finding it!
Finally crafted my current bracers! Upgrades all around
I hit paragon level 70 last night, and started a thread on how I reached 200K DPS / 645K EHP on a restrictive budget. Hurray for budget monks!

Now, I'm getting ready to craft a bunch of gloves in my quest for better gloves on my monk.
Hate to say it there Nameless but goodfreakinluck on upgrading your gloves. They are already pretty beastly ;D

Loved your 200k dps on a budget thread btw
Leveled my main monk 1-2 lvls

Took all my extra stash stuff and equipped my 2nd monk and leveled 3 times while running with the wife's wizard.
Gained 3 levels to hit P50 and broke into the 200k+ club today thanks to some bids.
Farmed early Act 3/ NM on MP 4 with my self-found Monk and killed the Siedgebreaker. Found him a real nice MH, sadly his OH still lacks.

Also got a new Reflection for my main. I gave up all hopes of finding a reasonably priced one with avg dmg. Still, the new addition provided nearly 2K DPS upgrade and a little extra cold res, compared to my old one.
Leveled my monk to plvl 91. took out XP gem, need to level slower lol.

Did a lot of uber runs, saving it up until i get 30 hellfire ring mats then start crafting. Hoping for a GG ring.
playing around with tal's chest;
Gold saving ----> target 1b on end of May!!!
I just found a cindercoat, meh!
Just found my perfect balance between single LS, HP and AR for flawless farming on mp 8-10 solo or group play. Finally! No more fussing...
I crafted a pretty sweet chest, Then not 5 minutes later I hit level 100!
320 Dex
204 Vit
78 Resist all
2 OS
142 Regen
Last night (past midnight, so technically today) I got to level 70, crafted a new chest which pushed me at 200k DPS.
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