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"What did you do to your monk today?" part 2

assembled about 90% of the parts for staff or herding (yes, I'm bored and working on the burning tree mystery in FoM). TR sure makes parts runs lighting quick :-)
Lvled up my 2nd monk some. It's still wearing the random stuff that I had in my mule, but I'm still have a blast running with my friends. So nice to see the exp bar moving! WOOT!

Planning to keep his gear as the same and get him some stuff when I hit like 40 or 50. Not gonna go crazy on him like dropping 10bil. Just want to have fun while lvling which is exactly why I lvled up another monk!

Gonna make a monk baby when it hits plvl100. Hope Blizzard introduce that system. LOL
It was yesterday, but I picked up a new MH ring that provided a 7.9k DPS increase and a little over 1k EHP. DPS jumps like that don't come around that much any more.
My friend upgraded his mempo and sold me his old one for cheap.


YAY. My 2nd monk is happy. This monk is gonna turn out well!

Still brainstorming how I'm going to gear him up, but mempo was in the list.
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New shoulders...

Old ones (crafted) , just weren't cutting it,

Hit p-level 99. 322 million xp to burn through before hitting 100. Should take around 5-6 MP10 Festering Woods + Weeping Hollow + Fields of Misery...

Crafted new bracers which brings me to 302k DPS unbuffed (I play with scoundrel follower). Took a slight hit in terms of resists, but the increased dexterity + dual vit roll actually increased my EHP.

Now to focus on crafting trifecta gloves. I actually only have one from over 200 crafts. So probably need more.
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assembled about 90% of the parts for staff or herding (yes, I'm bored and working on the burning tree mystery in FoM). TR sure makes parts runs lighting quick :-)

I really want to believe this is true but after doing about 50 FoM runs and never finding the hung ppl I had to stop.
Got my Monk from P9 to P10 last night on MP1. Am going to swap MoH out for MoC(Overawe) and rejigger my Spirit generation a bit, then bump up to MP2 and see how I do. Also need to upgrade her gems to Stars, which I should have done a while ago but kept putting off so I could work through the stash of PSquares I amassed while working on the Barbarian.

If I can find some Dex and/or Vit plans I may make some of those instead, as they will provide even more of an increase than the gems will at this point. No so sure about weapon crafting, though, as they tend to be unable to compete with the found stuff.
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Nothing cause the darned service is down :(
Trying to get an ef with a socket and life steal ugh, prices are soooo bad lately.

Anyway anyone seen daywalkers new gem in popular topics. *facepalm* some of the people on their actually like this guy and think he really has 1m. dps.

- Slowly losing faith in [s]humanity[/s] nephalem
Crafted 43 amulets and got an upgrade on my previous one. Now old one is now on my dh.
Got mine repeatedly molested in MP5 thanks to 3rd world internet speeds.
Sold my 9/6 mempo, 1.2k 60CD EF, famous Nat Dupe ring, and regear my second monk. and i'm loving it. :)
I picked up a new WH from the GAH and with it 17k EHP to bring me to a total of 649k. I tested my newly-increased EHP by facetanking MP10 Ghom solo with one LS weapon. I had to spam Overawe to keep my health up, but I was able to do it without using any defensive skills or kiting. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to facetank Belial with one LS weapon...maybe.
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collected more dust!

my level of dust is bigger than yours :D
bought him won khim lau
upgrade to all Marq gems, came within a *&^%hair of 300 unbuffed
Got to Paragon 24, almost 25. The first run I had in the past few days where I didn't get a legendary, so that was a bummer. The last thing I upgraded were my bracers. I could have happily done without the GF, but oh well, it's something. Got more essence to try to craft new gloves but that's when the server went back down :(
Bought a new amulet for 35M. I don't know if it's worth it but I got fed up with the crafting.
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