Diablo® III

"What did you do to your monk today?" part 2

Beat MP8 and got most of the way to p-64.
I crafted a new chest for my main monk. It is a 7k DPS upgrade and an EHP sidegrade. Needless to say I'm pretty happy right now. :D
Gained two HC levels and got to the Blood and Sand quest in Act 2.
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Gained para 2.
Sidegraded boots for Pickup radius.

Now to roll some epic bracers!
Yeaaaa!!! Crafted some nice bracers :) +8k dps and +30k ehp
now finally over 500k ehp. :)
My bud and I made our first Hellfire Rings...both rolled crap but we have been working on being able to duo all the ubers for a couple weeks. It felt pretty good to get them down. We breezed through the first 2 sets, but ZK + SB gave us a hard time, but after 3 tries we came ups with a strat that finally worked.
I never have any idea what to do when I login to this game. Other than IN MENUS!!!!. :(
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Got a steal on a new Nat ring with CC that added 4.4k DPS with only a slight EHP loss.

@WeeGee Wow, that's a great bracer roll. Congrats!
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It was a good weekend:

1. Reached 60 with Ryu my HC monk
2. Reached plvl 91 with IronMonkey my SC monk
3. Got me some new kicks

Time to gear Ryu up :D

Sniped a Tyrael's chest with 14/4 for 70mil buyout! Woot!

Always wanted one to test out on boss kills as well as Doom Hammer Spec.
Picked up a nice nirvana OH for 500k>
last night after doing some run with Rezide and ehong with my barb I went to my monk to drop some bells in preparation for another batch of crafts

up 1 p lvl
and craft my new amulet!! WOOT!!!
Got to play like 30 mins. Switched around couple gears in the stash to make my 2nd monk a little more fat. Working great.

received bnet funds from some sales a day or 2 ago finally which let me buy my new rare ring!
His next in line to level 60.
Got myself a near perfect Tyrael's Might!!!!
79 AR
15% Demons
4% Elites
3 open sockets.

Very nice Weegee. Bought a new offhand and testing out a new ammy.
Got Butcher down to 20% on MP9 before the floor erupted.

Hit p-67.

Found an Ivory Tower. And an Inna's Reach. And a Stormshield. And a Sever. And a Hellcat Waistguard. And maybe another leg. And none of them were any good :)
Messed around with my BAoS in mp3 pubs, was fun watching scorpions pop like popcorn as they chased me.
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