Diablo® III

"What did you do to your monk today?" part 2

Great day for me !

I'm starting to kinda-master the Nirvana synergy.

Got a new spear for cheap for that build.

Found in the last 12 hours : 2 Skorns, 1 Mempo, 1 WKL, 1 Andy Visage, and 1 Grand Vizier. Not great rolls, but still I was pretty stocked to get non-brimstones legendaries.
98 down, only 2 more to go.

Profitable day, overall. Got myself a new rare ring, 1,800 DPS and a little over 10K EHP upgrade.

Got a metric ton of Legendaries, with very few CotA runs at that. 7 or 8 regular ones + 2 set items in 3 hours of gameplay, or thereabout. Nothing spectacular, but good count nevertheless.

Also snapped a new Ceremonial Knife for my showcase WD. Probably not worth writing home about it, but still - very good bang for my 11 mil bucks.
^Go Go Go!
Farmed about 1/4th of a level in MP10 CotA wearing 171 all resists, lol.

Playing glass cannon is just addicting ~_~

Also downgraded my normal gear. I think i'm just a tad over the 500m gear bracket now, excluding BoA items.
It's a 1 yr anniversary today..
so my monk paid 4m and get a hellfire ring for his wiz wife!
Gearing up S&B build, running MP10 solo and crafting bracers & gloves.
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Got new gloves today. Still working on crafting a better ammy and bracers.
Been messing around with a marquise ruby in main-hand. Seems pretty decent provided CHD remains high.
Finally hit 1m EHP. 1,001,322 to be more precise.
got that boy some new shoulders
Finally got a sword for 3.2mil. Also bought my rare ring for 2k dps increase and 13 ehp gain for 200k gold :)
Technically yesterday, but whatev.

Finally broke 100k dps unbuffed, then found a nice ammy for another 5k boost.

Best self-found upgrade yet... :D
Started to play MP10 solo from Act 1 to Act 4 few days ago. It is really fun and more challenge! Of course, selling some worthy legendary and rare gears at AH.
PL 99! I'm now in the final sprint, before I cross the finish line.

Also, found my first pair of Ice Climbers. If anyone ever doubted that a 28 Int/ 23 Dex roll was possible on an ilvl 63 item (and a top ranked Legendary one, at that) - I now have the means to prove them wrong. But more importantly, that brings down the number of Legendaries I've never seen drop to only 6 (and 4 of them rings). If somehow the PL limit gets extended to 200, no doubt I'll see them all drop, before I finish the second round.
I got my dex CC mempo!
Sat his !@# in a chair last night, got my hands on Jonathan Little's excellent poker book, and just finished reading him all 256 pages in anticipation of tomorrow's work-related flight to Las Vegas.
04/30/2013 05:55 PMPosted by Vrkhyz
Sat his !@# in a chair last night, got my hands on Jonathan Little's excellent poker book, and just finished reading him all 256 pages in anticipation of tomorrow's work-related flight to Las Vegas.

The Great Vrkhyz lives! And to be more precise - Livin' la Vida Loca, apparently. (%
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Feeling bored decided to spend some money. Bought tal rasha's chest and my monk looks awesome compared to all the blue she is normally decked up in :p and the huge vit and ias helps of course :)

Got a nice 74AR 230DEX 70VIT 49FR firewalkers to complete the look but losing 70k ehp compared to my IC :(
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Said to hell with nats set as a cc nats ring with AR and high avg dam is expensive...bought a nice pair of ice climbers and now I have to buy new rare rings to go with it gotta get 6%cc per ring to make up the loss of nats set.....maybe tomarrow I'll have the new gears on my toon and maybe just maybe break that 200k Mark at the same time
sold my monk
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