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Jumping right into the matter I think that Diablo III is a very fun game to play. But here are some suggestion from an old LoD player. First off the skill system in Diablo III is fun. But there really is no reason to make a new character at anytime. When LoD brought synergizing to the Skill tree it made the game even better. Planning for your character's future so to speak. Skills worked off one another to make your character more powerful. To me that was golden, why change something that was never broken in the first place? Which of course brings up bringing back the skill tree system from Diablo II. Sure having new things is exciting and fun. But throwing some of the old in with the new isn't always a bad thing, especially when Blizzard/Activision hit the nail right on the head with this style of game play. So the skill style is a familiar feeling from Diablo II...all of the skills that have been implemented are new! Finally with talk about an expansion on the way I think that the Paladin would be a great addition to Diablo III. Sure it would be a returning character but he would have more of an effect on Diablo III. Especially when it comes to the "Zeal," and "Smite," skill. I'm sure that these two skill's would have a cool down rate along with any of the original skills you would choose to bring back but all and all I believe that the Paladin would make a great addition to the team! And yes I know there is already a "Holy," warrior (the Monk) but their fighting styles are completely different. And besides the game is about fighting the forces of evil and keeping them at bay. So having an extra "Holy," warrior isn't redundant when you think about it. If you do read this than thank you for taking the time.
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I really like the idea of synergy, but my preference is towards cross-class synergy, and with the emphasis on making the game fun in co-op mode I'd like to see some Rune Synergy for the passives. An odd idea but perhaps consideration could be given to making passives acquire Runes that benefit one of the other classes each at a staggered rate.

For instance the Blood Thirst passive for the Barbarian (example only not really a discussion thing).

Demon Hunter Rune: Increases base Damage of Hungering Arrow to 145%
Monk Rune: Grants Mantra of Healing a 1% LS
Wizard Rune: All damage done by Familiar restores 1 Damage as Arcane.
Witch Doctor Rune: Gargantuan gains 330 LoH that is applied to the Witch Doctors Heath Pool
Barbarian: Frenzies duration increases (does not apply to the Barbarian with the Rune)

Things like this open up different pathways to play when your in co-op mode, when I'm given a choice say of dropping 5% critical hit chance and 50% critical hit damage in favor of increasing the over-all DPS or survival of my party by a large amount.
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That is a great idea for people that have a good party of friends to run with. :D
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