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Suggestions for Itemization and Replayability

Well, I figured I would just throw out some of my own ideas and comments on the game. I don’t know if they will be helpful or not, and I feel like they have probably been brought up. Either way, since I’m not doing anything else at the moment I see no reason not to share my thoughts. I'm liking the changes that have taken place so far, but I think if the itemization is done correctly it can completely turn the game around. Maybe Blizzard needs and wants all the constructive suggestions they can get.

As a side note, the people that are complaining about not getting enough information from Blizzard need to remember years of forums full of this word: "Soon."


I know that the development team is working on itemization and that what I’m about to say has been said before. However, I would like to see if I can expand on the topic in any way. When making the legendaries better I think it is important to take a look at the Diablo 2 uniques, even the ones that weren’t super great, to get an idea of what many people are talking about.

First, I think the randomness of the legendaries needs to be tightened up. In doing this each legendary will be able to have its own special spot in the loot game. One key to making legendaries give that awesome feeling is for the sheer fact of it dropping to be a win for the player. That “win” doesn’t need to be a jackpot though.


Venom Grip – Demonhide Gloves

Defense: 97-118 (varies)(Base Defense: 28-35)
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 20
Durability: 12
+130-160% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+15-25 Defense (varies)
5% Chance of Crushing Blow
+60 Poison Damage Over 4 Seconds
5% Life Stolen Per Hit
5% To Maximum Poison Resist
Poison Resist +30%

There is randomization on this item. Many people that didn’t have better options used these gloves even at higher levels. Poison resist, poison over time, life leech (a big reason to have them), and the 5% crushing blow that adds up over time and was a lot of fun to see working. Why are there no stats like crushing blow?

You see, these gloves are not perfect. They are from being perfect actually. At the same time they do fill a niche. People recognize this item even if it’s because they got tired of finding them lol. Put in gloves (items) like Venom Grip that will have the same stats when they drop, but those stats have ranges. What if all venom grip gloves had a guaranteed 5% life steal and 30% poison resist (I’ll get to that in a second), and everything else had ranges? That’s good randomization.

Itemization – Skill Bonuses on Items

Every skill needs to be able to get bonuses from items. Break it down further than you have though. Instead of “+8% dmg Bola Shot,” turn it into “+8% damage Bola Shot – Thunder Ball.” It’s tedious, but it will allow for greater fine tuning of gear.

In a way this helps with the issue of character customization and currently having no reason to really have multiple characters of the same class. Sure, you could keep multiple gear sets and just swap them out on characters, but we only have so much shared stash space. We also only have 10 character slots (which should be changed).

On this same topic, you should just stop reducing monster hp and damage. Instead of doing that you should have tons of options like this so that we can work on making our characters more powerful. With these kinds of specific attributes spawning it will also be a little help to the auction house. That’s only with this one change.

Allow for the skill-rune affixes to appear on all item types (class appropriate obviously). This effectively replaces the +skills affix from D2.

Itemization & Monsters – Resistances & Elemental Damage

Ok, I get that you guys wanted to avoid the whole monster resistance/immunity thing, but this is not a difficult thing to bring back and add another simple layer of complexity and decision making to the game. (When I say “not difficult” I am not saying it’s just a line of code. I understand it’s work and work is money. When I say that phrase I simply mean that in comparison to more complex things, this one is on the low end. Resistance and immunity has been in so many games that I’m confident you guys can pull it off). For goodness sake you already have it partially in place because the characters use it :P

Seriously, if you make your elemental damage work—and it does not need a fancy effect for each element—and you make us choose between the element of our weapons and skills then you have succeeded in giving us character customization without the permanence of a skill tree. Yes, put in some immune monsters while you’re at it. Sure it sucks to be a frost wizard and come up on a frost immune pack in inferno, but it certainly breaks the monotony and gives a lot of meaning to our gearing choices if you have the skill-rune bonuses implemented as I mentioned above. Of course people can mix-and-match. I know there are the power builds. Just like D2 had its uber classes, so does D3. That doesn’t mean that we have to play that build though. Who said that my favorite Demon Hunter build absolutely has to be capable of clearing MP10 Inferno? Maybe my build can only clear up to MP 3-4, but it’s my build and I’m having fun and that is what really counts.

Also in regard to immunities, have each boss and sub-boss have a super high resistance to an element in normal and nightmare, two in hell, and a random high resist and set immunity in inferno. This allows for different farming objectives for different character builds.

Itemization – Some Examples and more…

Check out this item:

Chance Guards – Chain Gloves

Defense: 27-28 (varies)(Base Defense: 8-9)
Required Level: 15
Required Strength: 25
Durability: 16
+20-30% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+15 Defense
+25 To Attack Rating
25-40% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item (varies)
200% Extra Gold From Monsters
+2 To Light Radius

A very low level unique that people used into endgame. They could look pretty much the exact same for D3. Don’t put resistances on them, or allow any other primary stats from the typical stat priority.

No, instead you should just remove the Magic Find and Gold Find caps that serve no purpose and put in increasing diminishing returns after 300%. Let people stack gold find to 1000% if they feel so inclined and stop railroading so much.

Put in effects like Crushing Blow, Deadly Strike, and others like them. Take another look at the Venom Grip gloves.

Venom Grip – (Modified for D3)

Defense: 97-118 (varies)(Base Defense: 28-35)
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 20 (Non-existent, God forbid :P )
Durability: 120 (Not sure what it would be)
+130-160% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+15-25 Defense (varies)
5% Chance of Crushing Blow
Converts 4% of damage to poison
5% Life Steal
+160 Poison Resistance

That last effect on there is another point. Lower the “All Resistance” and put in higher levels of individual resistances. This is another point of customization and also another reason for item hoarding. This is especially true for people that like pvp (yeah, we can’t pvp anywhere and people want that ranked stuff. I don’t know why Blizzard is so scared to put in a modified hostile flag. I flag -> you can attack me if you want -> I can’t attack you back until you flag -> flags are on for at least 5 minutes and there is NO safe zone).

Quest Rewards

You guys keep mentioning that the socket quest is a chore. It is not and most people stand behind that view. The way you currently have things worked, an item is junk unless it has it’s sockets (for the most part). I know tons of people that had fun builds and needed help to get their Hell soulstone quest, Anya, and so forth done. They wanted to do this because of the reward.

What IS a chore is having to select what quest I want to be on with a character every single time I want to kill a boss or something. There have been many threads stating that upon completion of a difficulty we should have access to all waypoints in that difficulty. Actually, as quests are completed and we get waypoints we should just have access to them in that difficulty. It is not fun going though acts every time. This is probably a difficult thing to change, but you guys need to do this. You tell us things we ask for because we enjoyed them are chores yet give us this system.

Summary… because I forgot what else I was going to say lmao

Distribute the skill-rune bonus affixes to drops as I mentioned. Apply the resistance/immunity features with elemental damage working as it should (NO, each element doesn’t need an effect). Tighten the randomization of legendary and set items (give full sets features like auras for fun). Put in real quest rewards and allow us to just access any waypoint in the difficulty that we have made it to (honestly you could just make selecting a quest optional. We get tired of doing them. Turn off Diablo in Act 4 after the 10th time lol).

Is it a perfect suggestion? No, I don’t think so. I do think it is a good start and possible without trying to recreate the wheel.

Hope others can contribute :)

Edit: I forgot to mention crafting :) Include recipes so that we can upgrade those low level uniques to a higher tier. Say I have a level 9 Vigilant Belt. What if there were recipes to upgrade that item to it's level 'x' version? Just a thought.
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This shows me one thing. Why needing to see a main stat on an item in D3 is so silly. When u got rid of the main stat requirements you allowed such a diversity of gear used that actually worked in the game. For me it was never about the skill diversity but the different gear setups you could successfully use to clear the endgame. There may have been cookie cutter builds in D2, in fact its pretty well known but on the flipside u could use so many different gear setups to clear the endgame. In D3 u are looking for all the same gear. There is no gear diversity
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Sad to see a good thread go unnoticed especially when the OP put so much time and though into this. Oh and Thanks for pointing out the Upping of items to the next tier. Added that into my thread as well :)
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Thanks for the kind words. I don't understand how the mark was missed on this part of the game with so many examples. Not even taking into consideration Diablo and Diablo 2 there are many action rpg's that have the itemization formula on or near the mark.

It does kind of suck that this post got buried, but that tends to happen. I can only hope that Blizzard and the rest of the forums sees it and takes it into consideration.
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