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Why monsters appears after fallen star Act 1?

Sorry guys, i was just wondering why monsters appears after the fallen star.
there was no evil power in the star, isnt it? it was an angel. I thought angel will repeal evil.

If the star have power the evil wants, i will be expecting monsters to head towards the church, not just randomly attacking the town?
if the star have power against evil, then i will expect the monster to move away from the town and go into hiding?

i tried to find if there are any related post on the forum but there are just too many posts..

pls advice me from those who are much expert in the diablo story line.

thanks in advance.
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Undead and beasts are the only monsters you encounter in the Cathedral. The beasts were likely there to begin with, and the presence of a supernatural power (Tyrael in this case), disturbs undead and causes them to rise from their graves.
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Thanks for the reply, but it just felt weird that Tyrael is the cause of panic and death to so many ppl.
it just doesnt make sense to me.. hehe

An angel from heaven releases monsters or
An angel from heaven reanimated the undead.

normally that job falls to diablo and his brothers..

anyway thanks for your thoughts. ;)
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One theory I read some where else here is that Tyrael, the embodiment of justice, fell from heaven's grace and therefore all of the souls that had been judged by Tyrael were now free because he is no longer an angel.
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nice theory!.

i guess he particularly doesnt like the ppl living in tristram and punish lots of them.. hehe.

Bu thanks for the infor again . very reasonable indeed.

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while i was playing diablo a while back i believe the hero asks tyreal why undead rose around the fallen star. its been a while but i believe he said

"the dead that rose where the people unjustly murdered by or under the rule of king leoric" during his decent into madness thanks to diablo
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i think i remember something like this,
but the issue is why does the fallen star cause the undead to appear.

What did tyrael have or had that caused the undead/unjustly to be resurrected and start attacking humans...

the fallen star contains evil power?? hum...

anyway thanks for ur input, Appreciate it!!!!
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I'm not sure you understand.. my post earlier in this thread was not a theory. It is *the* reason.

Quoting from the Book of Cain
One intriguing piece I have gleaned from Orous' research is that not all abominations and violations that appear on Sanctuary are of hellish or demonic origin. For instance, the walking dead are unique to Sanctuary are not created in the Burning Hells, but they can be awakened from their morbid sleep by the activities of demons and angels.
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tyreal was the fallen star so i dont think it is filled with evil power
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Thank you Chris and Hippie!!!
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Tyrael himself explains this in-game. It's no mystery. He says, basically, that when he fell, he lost control of his power when his sword broke. The power basically leaked out of him, and caused all of the dead that were killed unjustly to rise (since he was the archangel of justice). He was basically powerless to prevent it at that point, since he was mortal.
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