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Q. Do I have enough armor/resists/ health?

A. Do not look at the three statistics as separate entities. When mitigation and health are combined you have your effective health pool, or EHP. This number shows how much damage you can survive from before dying (without taking into account life sustaining effects such as LoH). Any other "system" such as 500 Armor/500 resists/50k health are simply lazy approaches to figuring out what you need to survive.

Hi Fitz, this is taken from post #4. I've spotted a typo, believed that you actually meant 5000 armour instead of 500.

Btw, nice thread that you've made!
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Thank you for spotting that. Fixed.
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I know I must seem strange, using CW/Mangle and the mixture of skill I use. But I do pretty well on MP7 - 8. I guess the thing that helps me the most is the LS.
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Hi Fitz

Any suggestions for a cost-effective dps upgrade at this point? I am using Nameless' stat stick build. My MH was my barb's actually (no main stat). Should I look to upgrade it? I have had difficulty finding any good high damage weapons with LS that do not cost a bomb, much less to say spear or mace.

Or are there other items I should upgrade? My intention was to leave the crafts alone but if there are items I can buy fairly cheaply, I'd consider it.

Thanks ;)
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To eek out some more dps you could probably get an upgrade easily by crafting shoulders.

I am not certain if it would fit your play style but dropping the LS on the stat stick and getting a bump in Dex on it would probably bump your dps up alot.

Witching Hour of course.

Other that you are getting in the higher priced items and are going to have to get lucky crafting or save up some gold.

Good luck!
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You are very well geared for MP7-8. That is why you are doing well. If you overgear an MP, you can pretty much use any build and be successful.

With a better build you could be even more successful though. It is all up to you though. If you're having fun, that is what counts.
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I am not certain if it would fit your play style but dropping the LS on the stat stick and getting a bump in Dex on it would probably bump your dps up alot.

Thanks Fitz! Is WH better than Innas for certain?

Also, will the increase in dps compensate for the loss of LS? Hopefully bells (with Fire storm) will smooth out the burst damage a bit.
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WH is BiS for belt slot.

I do not recommend using Fire Storm either. While it can be a cool skill, and may shine a bit more in 1.0.8 you would need 30% more monsters in range for it to equal the damage of Blade Storm. For the most part during a run, this will simply not be the case.

Also, it appears you use Quickening. I am fairly certain that Cyclone would provide better dps for you than either of those.
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Ok thanks for the advice, back to cyclone then! ;)
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Your build has some interesting aspects. I have chosen to not add it as is to the OP because it is focused on a jack of all trades style that lacks synergy between skills IMO.

If it works for your play style though, excellent.
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Why add FoT/Quickening to Nirvana? And you have BoY too. Is it helpful or are you just bored?

What setup do you use in multiplayer? Pillar of the Ancients? CS?

Also, did you try using Azurewrath on your Templar, it's cute.

You need to get yourself some gems rofl
Edited by aleks#1225 on 5/8/2013 2:51 PM PDT
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Here is my team build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#UYeSXk!VbU!bcaZYa

I run with another Monk that Cyclone Strikes and a CM Wiz. 4th is optional. I prefer WD, monk or another wiz.

I am experimenting with solo builds because the higher density has changed the game a bit. I am currently testing with Quickening to ensure I can spam bells all the time, even when Nirvana is on cooldown. BoY is to keep those cooldowns as short as possible.

I don't use the Templar. I use the Scoundrel for the extra CC.

I was checking if I could swap some gear around to improve stats a bit since I rolled a decent AR chest on d3up. Hence the gemless gear. Unfortunately I am still stuck at 491k EHP and 255K dps.
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I am in a bit of a different predicament, I have returned to game after long absence. I still need DE to craft better gear so I run in MP8 most of the time and solo. With 578K EHP and 193K DPS I find it very enjoyable and stress free. I would love to get a Mempo with 5% CC and switch back to an Inna chest.
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Don't suppose to promote better gameplay, you'd be willing to change all the build links to having the better/primary generator on RMB instead of LMB? :p If not, I could do it for ya :D
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Uggh, lol. If you link it I'll swap it.


Is that a cookie I smell?
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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#UaeSXk!bVX!bYacYa (this one was already right!)

I think that's all of them XD
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Hi fits,

ive recently came back to the game after 4 months. before i left i was running the SW cyclone with stacking crit chance and ias. I have a survival play style but i love to see them big numbers. what would you suggest to be effective at farmng lower MP in regards to gear and skill sets. ive been reading around but id thought id just give it a try to ask for some advise.

thanky you
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So i joined the fraternity. Riddle me this, should i put my memo back on?
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welcome to the brotherhood :D
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