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Purpose of white items?

After Diablo 2 became well established even some of the white items were valuable because of what could be made with them. Even though most of the time they weren't worth anything sometimes they would be worth picking up.

Maybe there should be a system for the white and blue items that can contribute to the economy or game? I understand that blue items can already be destroyed for crafting and that supplies the economy a bit, but it was still nice to have that small chance of finding a sellable socketed item. There were a lot to look out for.

I don't know what it's in store for the distant future, but the rune-word system provided a lot of extra loot and tradable gear. I don't really know what point i'm trying to make other than it would be nice to have that extra bonus in the white item class. It just provides us hope that we will find a good item. That's just one reason. Not saying to bring back runewords but it would be nice if white items did more than nothing in inferno.
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ball busters
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None so far, but to remind you how suck your MF is.
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I'm not claiming that there is not enough legendaries, just that white items had value to them. Well, not white, but socketed (grey). They had a purpose. I'm not complaining about how much I find. I'm satisfied with my MF and it produces enough results for me when I play. I just think they should be able to have some sort of value other than cheap gold.
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no purpose

this game only has 20 items
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I feel like the crafting system should have required a non-magical base item as an ingredient. Too late to change that now, though; people understandably wouldn't appreciate adding an extra step to crafting just to make normal items more valuable. Still, if new patches brought more powerful craftable items (eg. a new tier or rare items with a seventh random property), then maybe people might be more okay with using white items as a base.

Also, I feel like having tiered normal items (eg. having affixes like cracked, crude, superior, or exquisite) should just be done away with entirely.
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White items act as the baseline, currently.
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04/17/2013 09:40 PMPosted by Phlebas
eople understandably wouldn't appreciate adding an extra step to crafting just to make normal items more valuable.

Typical D3 player now: I cant move without accidentally picking up white trash (haha, white trash)

Typical D3 player if white items have value: Too much dizzisions. Rage!
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